Resume Example for Flight Attendant

How to Make a Resume for a Flight Attendant

When registering for a flight attendant, you must be sure that you are fit for all the requirements in the vacancy announcement. Prepare a resume of the stewardess and a motivational letter. If you already have some experience, it can work in your favor. The admission of a man to the position of flight attendant requires:

  • a certificate of imprisonment;
  • photographs of passports;
  • and other important information.

After the initial approval of candidates, they are invited to an interview. Later you will be waiting for language and psychological tests, as well as exercises related to cooperation with passengers, as well as the ability to work in a team.

Final Examination

The flight attendant must complete a complex exam at the final stage of recruitment. Such multi-level recruitment guarantees passengers a professional and specialized team that will not only behave politely but will provide them with the most informative answers and support throughout the flight.

Stewardess - how many hours does she work? How many hours a stewardess works depends to a large extent on the airline in which it operates. Change of flights is a standard phenomenon; sometimes, on short flights, it returns home at night (to stay home). Sometimes you need to wait several hours or several days for the next flight. Working time is very diverse. It should be remembered that the time of the flight attendant is not only the hours spent while on a plane. It is also a duty before and after the flight, as well as time dedicated to professional make-up because it is necessary for each flight attendant.

Job description

A pleasant young lady or man who deals with the service of passengers during the flight - this is how we most often answer the question of a flight attendant. But is the stewardess only responsible for this? A stewardess and steward are persons who work in an airline. They carry out their duties on board passenger airplanes, sometimes on private planes. The task is mainly in the service of passengers and crew. 

Requirements for flight attendants

Work in the airline provides for the fulfillment of several formal requirements. Each airline has its criteria for the crew's employment. Previously, it was assumed that the profession of flight attendants is mostly young and attractive women. Now things have changed; older women can work. The most important thing in this profession is fluency in foreign languages. The leading language is the English language.

How to become a flight attendant?

To become a flight attendant/steward, you must have a minimum secondary or higher education. Directional studio flight attendants are not needed. Higher schools and flight attendant courses also train women and men to work in this profession.

In private carriers, the flight attendant must meet other requirements than the state airline. In private carriers, the age criterion is usually up to 30 years. Important is the impeccable silhouette and proper stewardess growth. The crew must have excellent communication skills with people. In the event of danger, flight attendants and stewards should be able to communicate with passengers and safely explain all things to them. Recruitment. The set for work as a flight attendant is through multi-stage testing, which determines whether a person is suitable for this post or not.


In the section where there are functional requirements for the flight attendant or steward, there are such features as patience, self-control, and stress resistance. People behave differently on board the airplane, so the flight attendant should always be pleasant, smiling, and calm, despite the various unpleasant situations that may occur during the flight. People working in this profession should inspire confidence and provide passengers with a sense of security. In the case of danger, they are not allowed to show emotions so that people do not start a panic. They need to act quickly and confidently and, if necessary, to reassure passengers. Communication skills and a psychological approach must be available to the flight attendants.

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Resume Example for Flight Attendant

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