Resume Example for Firefighter

In the 21st century, in the era of wars and catastrophes, many ambitious young people are looking for firefighter resume examples. It is relevant to be helpful to people on the job and a hero for kids. A firefighter is characterized by professional duties and functions.

Functions and duties of a Firefighter

  • 1. combat fire;
  • 2. ensure people’s safety;
  • 3. rescue people and commodities.
  • 4. clean a scene of car accidents.

Firefighting is a risky business. Firefighters make a huge contribution to the community they serve. In addition, being a firefighter is a satisfying, exciting, and varied career. Firefighters are characterized as brave and physically strong people. They have a quick reaction. This profession is honored in the whole world. This job requires some personal qualities, namely:

Applying for a job, please submit your Firefighter resume with a set of the following documents;

  • 1. Diploma.
  • 2. Certificate in the academic background in Psychology.
  • 3. List of skills.
  • 4. Proofs of health and physical shape statements.
  • 5. Work records.

In fire-extinguishing service, fighting fires is only part of the firefighter profession. The role of firefighters in the community is great; they raise awareness in the community, conduct home fire safety checks, and inform people about fire prevention and other safety measures.

There are some skills required for a resume, for example, for firefighter jobs. Understanding and following written and oral instruction stays is a priority for firefighters. First, turn, applicants for firefighters must be self-organized. Other skills complete a picture. It is recommended to mention all your skills, including:

  • 1. working skills – skills acquired through experience or training;
  • 2. hard skills – abilities through learning, practice, and education;
  • 3. soft skills-personal traits helping to communicate and succeed;
  • 4. custodial skill-keeping workplace, tools, and equipment in order.

Listing the skills, an applicant should present himself from the best side, but at the same time, it should be critical.

Hard skills Soft skills
vehicle maintenance; attention to detail;
light carpentry; strong work ethic;
mechanical skills teamwork;

Custodial skills are also worth noting:

  • 1. cleaning and maintaining floors;
  • 2. removing snow from parking lots;
  • 3. repairs of light facilities;
  • 4. periodic maintenance of equipment and machines

Personal and working skills must also be outlined to correspond to the firefighter job.

Personal skills Working skills
effective communication skills;
integrity, self-control, and a reassuring manner;
strict following the instruction;
patience, understanding, and sensitivity;
confidence and resilience;
adaptability and flexibility.
quick response;
good orientation on the ground;
provision of first aid;
psychological insight;
adequate possession of technological equipment

There are some tips that should be considered by firefighters example, resume writing. Before filling in the application, follow and consider the following tips:

Tips for Firefighter resume writing

  • 1. Thorough reading of the job description.
  • 2. Summarizing experience and skills.
  • 3. List your working experience.
  • 4. Including previous achievements and rewards.

In general, an applicant must decide what position to apply for and put all his efforts into writing his resume. However, there is an option. One can surf the Internet for It is safer to address a professional for resume writing. has a wide range of professionals at your disposal. They have a good experience, can point out an objective of your professional data, and put all the details of your background and skills in the firefighter resume. A good profile of your data will help both you and an employer to make a benefit. All your data are secured, and you will be on the safe side. As an applicant, you will be sure that your resume will be filled correctly, and it will correspond to the requirements for a resume examples Firefighter.

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Resume Example for Firefighter

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