Resume Example for Firefighter

How to Write a Resume for a FireFighter

Probably, every boy and, maybe, a little less girls had been dreaming about becoming a firefighter back in childhood. Far not everyone decide actually to dedicate their lives to saving people, buildings, and nature from destruction of fire. It takes incredible bravery to stick to the childish dream and carry it throughout life. So, you are definitely a special one, if you have made it till here! You are definitely on a right source to figure out more about writing efficient resume for a firefighter and of course learn more about the profession itself. In order to make an impressive resume, it is necessary to state all the previous academic experience, prove of health and physical shape statements, medical skills, and academic background in Psychology. Below you can find more about the format of the resume for a firefighter job updated tips for applicants of 2021, and requirements for the candidates.

Job description

Governmental firefighting services can be divided into the following types:

  • State Fire Service. Its main focus is fire supervision.
  • Municipal fire brigade. Its main tasks are to organize and implement fire and extinguishing prevention.
  • Departmental fire brigade. It is organized by the federal executive authorities in order to ensure fire safety.

Despite of the department you are applying to, the process of dealing with fire in cases of emergencies is nearly the same:

  • When a fire breaks out in a populated area, the dispatchers receive a call. Having determined the terrain, they determine the nearest fire station. If the fire is small, then the dispatcher is enough to send one car from the nearest part.
  • If large areas and rooms are burning, then two huge cars are sent. If the case is severe and serious - all the cars are sent from all the surrounding parts. And even sometimes from neighboring cities.
  • The work of firefighters begins when the alarm siren lights up, rescuers put on work clothes, and go to the scene. All rescuers are in excellent shape and know the specifics of actions, so they work as quickly as possible. They gather in twenty seconds, because literally every moment is valuable.
  • When firefighters arrive at the fire site, they have to connect the hoses to the nearest water source in a couple of minutes, because there are fires that can be extinguished for several days. Next, firefighters are sent to a source of fire to save people. They are risking their lives, but this is part of their work. That is why this specialty is suitable only for strong, courageous and confident people.
  • Further, investigators work, they determine who became the culprit of the fire, and draw up acts on the legitimacy of fire fighting.

So, it is of vital importance to be aware of actions to be taken on each step of dealing with fire. It also goes without saying that it is a must to know how to prevent fire and take necessary measures, in order to allocate the source of fire, before it started spreading. It is a hard job that needs cold mind and immediate decision making.


A good firefighter is a professional who has versatile working skills. A firefighter must:

  • Be able to respond quickly
  • Good orientation on the ground
  • be able to provide first aid
  • Find a psychological approach to the victims
  • Be able to stop the spread of panic
  • Thoroughly possess professional equipment

Also, rescuers may need to interact with search dogs, quickly dismantle debris, and carefully remove people from the place, occupied with fire.

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Resume Example for Firefighter

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