Resume Example for Security Guard

How to make a resume for a Security Guard

People have always been striving to protect and preserve both, their own lives and and property. We have the same aims at 2021. Quite a few cope with this task on their own, the rest can resort to help of professionals, and more precisely to hire security guards.

Security guard is one of the oldest professions. Even the caveman was already familiar with guarding, as he guarded his dwelling from wild beasts and from the raids of neighboring tribes. Civilization developed, and security guard profession became even more relevant. Few notable grandee did not contain a whole state of protection. Watchman, security guard, security - there are several names for this profession today. As a rule, the guards, mostly young people, in good physical shape. This profession is one of the most risky, is associated with a colossal psycho-physical load and tension. Not many people know that the main quality of a security guard is not a victory over the villains, but the ability to prevent potential danger, and quickly avoid it.

Job description

The main task of the guard is to protect the lives of employees and property located on the entrusted object. Therefore, this employee must have good physical training and the skills necessary to protect. Endurance, good reaction, ability to run fast, are important premises that will allow you to start working as a security guard, but in addition, it is desirable to know at least one of the martial arts. A qualified guard knows how to use a firearm and knows in which cases it should be used. Security firms put forward a license as one of the requirements for their employees.


What you need to work as a security guard:

  • secondary education
  • military card (but this item is not always required)
  • sports training
  • certificate of medical examination
  • absence of convictions
  • no bad habits
  • personal qualities: calmness, prudence, attentiveness, sociability

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Resume Example for Security Guard

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