Quarantine Holidays: What to Do?
Kris GT
Certified Professional Resume Writer
July 25, 2022, 2:11 pm

Quarantine Holidays: What to Do?

During the quarantine there can be a problem: staying home, especially when you are out of work, awakens not very positive thoughts and drives you depressed. If you still don't know what to do during a quarantine weekend, we have some suggestions for you.

Morning exercise or meditation

Setting up for a positive day without laziness, junk food, and unnecessary anxiety will help you get the right morning. So, when you wake up, open the windows, and let fresh air into your home, turn on the music and start exercising.

A simple exercise will help your body compensate for the decrease in motor activity, and meditation will increase the level of stress and teach you to concentrate. Dancing, turning on your favorite song, and moving as you like will also help to change yourself in the morning. The main thing is that it brings pleasure.

Movies, series, or performances

You may not go to the movies right now, but you can always watch your favorite Friends or see an online movie you missed. Weekend under the blanket for watching your favorite TV show - was that what you dreamed of when putting on a project or working overtime? Now you have that chance.

In addition, many online movies now have a free quarantine subscription. It's best to choose something positive or with a gripping storyline that won't let you get distracted. If you are constantly thinking about the spread of the virus and the consequences of the epidemic, it is best to give up or postpone it until the time when it is all left behind.


It is often difficult for a hobby to find time, and some do not have a favorite thing at all. Devote quarantine to your pleasure, energy, and belief in the best. If you are just choosing a hobby, you can find lots of tips and videos on the Internet about how to do scenery, sew a skirt, and more.

An interesting favorite activity will be a great alternative when by the end of quarantine, you will see all the series and you will be bored reading books. In addition, if your needlework is quality and original, it can always find a buyer. And an additional way of earning is more relevant than ever in a crisis period.

Clean the apartment

You can take your time with the general cleaning and stretch it all over the quarantine daily by tidying up in a separate part of your home. Wash the windows, and clean the kitchen and the fridge, not only will it help to "kill" time and clean up everything everywhere, but it will also help your psychological cleansing.

Specialists advise you to throw 20 items from each room in your home to make room for new ones, which will definitely come up if you learn to get rid of what is no longer need you.

Particular attention should be paid to your wardrobe. Start by sorting your clothes by season: keep warm things away and put the spring and summer things closer. You can then divide the wardrobe items into categories:

  • pants,
  • sweaters,
  • dresses,
  • shirts,
  • and more.

Try on clothes and analyze each of your images, remember to say goodbye to things that have not been worn or held in the face of hunger and insane weight loss. You can also watch videos with stylist tips to help you decide on your own style and learn how to put things together. By the way, organizing things helps reduce stress. Therefore, ordering everything will help to better survive self-isolation.

Online meetings with friends/family

We are in a hurry to comfort those who cannot quarantine because of the constraints of their communication circle, your meetings with friends or relatives can be translated online. Video communication mimics presence and gives you a sense of emotional closeness. So rather, agree on what you will do with your friends this weekend and connect via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or other applications. You can also eat pizza or coffee together online, and even watch a movie or play Monopoly online.

Time for yourself

Do not forget about yourself during self-isolation. Quarantine is the perfect time to gain new knowledge, update professional resumes, do self-analysis, and more. You can revise your makeup and make a beauty salon in your own home: now you have the time to go with your face mask or make a home body scrub. During self-isolation, you can work on yourself to achieve the ideal you have always wanted.

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