How to Get in Favor with the Executive Manager?
Kris GT
Certified Professional Resume Writer
March 22, 2022, 7:00 am

How to Get in Favor with the Executive Manager?

Full dedication, bringing new company wins, and a desire to achieve even more often go unnoticed. Sometimes, admiration and even promotion get a colleague who works for the company, not for a long time, and puts a lot less effort into work. You, instead, are left with nothing, although you even used professional resume help. It depresses.

It seems to you that everyone is succeeding and only you are in career stagnation, although you deserve recognition from management.

Let's figure out why this is happening and how to change it.


Evaluate your Work

You need to make sure that the problem exists. You are not in school for a long time, and your manager is not obliged to evaluate your actions after each task. To understand if you and your work really don't notice, try to assess it realistically.

Ask yourself, was your work heavier, more original, more significant, and more important than the work of your colleagues? You can also ask someone from the team if your job is worth it. If you have made a list of significant accomplishments and are fully confident that you deserve recognition and your manager does not notice you, then start changing that.


Get rid of shyness

The first thing you need to do to get recognition from management and colleagues is to get rid of shyness. The most ardent employees who conscientiously accomplish all their tasks will not receive praise from the manager until they start to communicate, offering their vision for solving problems, initiating developments, and more. Those who are too shy about working issues rarely expect promotion or recognition.


Make your communication effective

If you do not know how to make your opinion heard, your experience and intuition trusted, and your professionalism valued, then you need to work on the effectiveness of your own communication. To do this, learn to listen and ask questions: people who are not interested and devalue someone else's experience, lose respect and colleagues.

You need to convey your ideas clearly and reasonably, and only then will they sound convincing. Colleagues must be criticized with caution and benevolence so as not to become a toxic worker who is always against and to be avoided.


Talk to your boss

If your efforts have not been successful, experts advise you to contact your supervisor and tell him about your success. But don't start with the phrase, "I demand recognition." It is necessary to prepare for this conversation in advance: to summarize your work (preferably in writing) and tell them to your manager. Try to stress that you must understand that you are doing well and not really. Most managers value initiative employees who are not afraid to emphasize their successes, so often, these conversations end not only with praise but also with a salary bonus.


Take the lead

Still not sure how to get into a boss's favor? Take the lead: nominate yourself as a speaker at a conference or media meeting, offer help to a colleague with an important project, and do not be silent at a general meeting.

But keep in mind that you have to prepare before you can offer anything. Analyze your capabilities, your company problems, and whether you have the time to execute your initiatives. It's one thing to work on a task that helps you grow, and another to work for everyone in the company. So, before you suggest something, find out if it will benefit you, your well-being, and the results for which you will receive appreciation from management and colleagues.


Learn self-presentation

Sometimes, in order to draw attention to your success in the work, it is necessary to present them accurately. Well, when you say your worth about you as an employee, you can back up sales or pageviews, customer or partner reviews, your successful sketches, or videos. It helps to train self-presentation skills to attend regular interviews. You learn to speak clearly about all benefits, and also confirm your worth in the labor market. During the interview, you will find out how much your employer is willing to pay for your professionalism, or you understand that working conditions and wages are the best on the market right now.

If all your efforts to get out of the lower rank do not work, then perhaps you are out of this job. Then it`s time to look at resume writing services reviews. After all, for a person to work harmoniously and enjoy the work, success needs to be noticed.


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