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How to make a resume for a sales representative

Customer-friendliness is the quality of a genuine professional who works as a sales representative in 2023. But the most responsible part of this activity is often hidden from third-party eyes. When writing a resume for a sales representative, you need to describe not only the key knowledge of the company's product sales area and the experience of communicating with the company's customers but also to indicate additional subjects such as the experience of being a sales representative.

You can add a description of the specialized skills of communication, knowledge of the technique of selling goods, and deep knowledge of various trading instruments in this area. In the resume, you can add unimportant skills that are not related to the specialty but are very important in the professional plan. Sales representative for several years is in the hottest dozens of the most sought-after professions. According to the experts of the labor market, this is explained primarily by the fact that such workers are needed for almost every company that offers some goods or services to the population, and shortly, the increased need for specialists in this profession will only grow.

Job description

Sales representative - the most widespread trade among traders, it is the most ancient.

A sales representative is a person who sells goods to customers. Buying and selling have been around for a very long time. For many centuries, the main type of trade was mobile trade; with its development, there were stores. The word "store" came to us from the Arabian East. In translation, it means a warehouse for storing any goods. Modern shops are diverse - small shops and shops - giants.

Recently, under the influence of scientific and technological progress, trade enterprises are equipped with new modern technology and go on to progressive methods of work. The profession is classified depending on the group of goods; there are sales representatives for food and non-food products. So, the sales representative of food products sells groceries, confectionery, bakery products, cooking products, vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish products.

The sales representative profession allows you to get acquainted in detail with the quality organization of the trade process of the store and the range of goods, which are important factors for success and gaining strong positions in the market.

Having the skills and abilities to work on modern cash registers and electronic scales: qualitatively perform trade-technological operations in the store, implement design solutions for displaying goods and window dressing, provide professional advice to consumers, serve customers quickly and courteously, every modern sales representative will find a place in life, work with pleasure and have great prospects for the future.

Having mastered the course, the sales representative successfully works in stores, large shopping malls (supermarkets, shopping centers), banking institutions, office structures, catering and restaurant services, managers, and marketers.

Politeness, courtesy, and competence in this area are the three key peculiarities on which the sales representative maintains professionalism.

To master the training for the position of a sales representative, each one should have an appropriate interest and vocation for this.

Terms of business sales representative: this specialist works individually or as part of the brigade, indoors and in the air, on a flexible schedule.


Requirements and professional skills that a sales representative must own:

  • stability of attention;
  • good long-term and operative memory;
  • arithmetic abilities;
  • precise spatial perception of the magnitude and form of the object;
  • clear diction;
  • emotional stability;
  • observation;
  • sociability;
  • honesty

Educational training sales representative:

  • good knowledge of mathematics (oral skills), physics, and chemistry;
  • knowledge in the field of commodity science;
  • rules for trade in goods of a certain group, their range, purpose, methods of use and care, terms of storage;
  • be aware of the state of consumer demand.

Work as a sales representative is contraindicated for people suffering from the following diseases:

  • locomotor apparatus;
  • chronic infectious diseases;
  • skin allergy;
  • eczema of hands;
  • epilepsy;
  • pronounced neuroses;
  • hearing loss in both ears.

Prospects: the demand for the labor market is steadily high, and the profession of sales representative belongs to the most massive. The salary level is quite large. And often they pay not only the salary but also the percentage of sales. Revenues are approximately equal to the average salary in the industry, but they can be much lower and exceed it approximately twice.

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Resume Example for Sales Representative

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