Resume Example for New Home Sales Consultant

How to Make a Resume for a New Home Sales Consultant

When writing a resume for the position of new home sales consultant in 2024, it is necessary to describe not only the key knowledge of real estate, the perfect knowledge of the techniques of the modern real estate market, the profound knowledge of sales, as well as other special sciences that study this area; you can also add a description of the specialized skills in the field of various sales tools, communication skills of communication with customers. In the resume, you can add unimportant skills that are not related to the specialty but are very important in the professional plan.

Job description

The services of the new home sales consultant are still relevant and in demand, but not all are aware of what the new home sales consultant deals with, where it is possible to learn this specialty, and what the new home sales consultant receives rewards in real estate transactions. The word "new home sales consultant" has come up relatively recently. According to the vocabulary definition, it means an entrepreneur engaged in intermediary activities in real estate operations. This specialist helps to buy, sell, rent (rent) residential or commercial real estate.

The word "new home sales consultant" does not always mean a particular person or his profession, sometimes called an organization (firm, agency), acting as a mediator, informant, or consultant in real estate transactions.

In a more familiar language, the new home sales consultant brings together sellers and buyers of real estate, owners, and tenants. It helps dealers find each other, seek out the most profitable options, and provide the employer with legal protection.

For their work, the new home sales consultant receives a mediation interest or a pre-determined amount of fees.
At present, this activity is mainly engaged in real estate agencies.

New home sales consultant work in multi-disciplinary organizations in which marketers, lawyers, economists, and their own sales agents are involved.

The competitive struggle between agencies, especially in the context of economic instability, is rather high, which forces firms to offer new services to their clients.

Experts of this business say that if a new home sales consultant offers an apartment to the client, he must know in advance what is visible from each window.

In recent years, the responsibility of a professional new home sales consultant is to ensure the safety of real estate operations. People who own more than one object and often own a property almost always have a personal new home sales consultant with solid work experience and high fees.

The real estate market is so diverse and specific that not all buyers and sellers know what they want. As a representative of the profession in which language and communication play a role, the new home sales consultant must be able to work with objections and understand what the professionals say is "customer pain."

In practice, this means feeling the desire of the consumer, even if he can not voice them. The task is not easy, but with experience, this skill comes by itself.

Where to find a new home sales consultant and how much does it cost for its services

So, you decide to sell or buy an apartment, rent a house, or just find out the average real estate prices in your area. Usually, having spent a lot of time on independent searches, calls, and correspondence on the Internet, people realize that their actions were ineffective and chaotic.

There is an opinion to contact a professional. They say that the best way to find a reliable specialist in real estate transactions is to listen to the advice of friends. Probably some of them have been selling or buying an apartment and are familiar with a professional new home sales consultant.

There are 3 options:

  • To choose the nearest real estate agency, call there, and it is better to come in person.
  • Ask relatives and friends; they do not have a reliable new home sales consultant;
  • Find a private home sales consultant online or through media ads.

The new home sales consultant, which works independently of agencies, varies. Sometimes these are highly skilled professionals with many years of experience, and sometimes self-taught with a dubious reputation and the same methods of work.


Responsibilities and professional skills that each new home sales consultant must own

The professional responsibilities of a modern new home sales consultant are quite large. In addition to knowledge of the theory and practice of sales, experts in this profile should be lawyers, psychologists, and diplomats. It is also necessary to understand marketing and advertising, construction, and types of real estate.

Communication skills are perhaps the key to this profession. You can learn how to make a competent professional contract, but if you do not know how to convince the client, they will simply not work with you. Desirable qualities - neatness, politeness, attractive appearance.

Specific tasks for new home sales consultant:

  • competent presentation of own services, a search of clients, revealing their needs;
  • a quick search of the objects required by the client;
  • departure to places, review of real estate objects;
  • pre-screening of objects and documents (legal aspects), preparing a complete package of securities for the transaction;
  • documentation of the transaction;
  • provision of related services (assistance in re-filing documents, searching for a bank to obtain a mortgage, etc.).

Mandatory skills and abilities - the ability to navigate the real estate market and knowledge of the infrastructure of individual areas.

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Resume Example for New Home Sales Consultant

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