Resume Example for Event Planner

The profession of an event planner is very popular now. Hence, it is actually for the applicants for this position to develop event planner resume examples. Applicants must evaluate whether they suit for this post. A brief sample of an event planners’ characteristics looks like this:

An event planner should be:

1. flexible with the event organization;

2. follow deadlines;

3. creative and innovative problem-solving;

4. attentive to details.

Event planners have a lot of responsibilities in event organization. Events differ in their natures and types. They can be public and private, online, and events in the open air. Therefore, event planners must contact their future customers to discuss the coming event. It is always a challenge for an event planner because he should show all his best abilities and features to make an impression and get an order.

Duties and their functions

Duty Function
Actualizing event idea Online/offline advertising
Budgets overview Making business financial plans
Premises booking Finding a suitable place for the event
Contacting suppliers and clients Communication with the event participants
Logistics management Planning and implementing the flow and storage of goods and services
Presenting post-event reports Submitting the results of the events as budgets spent, review of the customers, and summary of the whole event

If a person decides to become an event planner, what document should he provide to fill in an event planner resume example?

Documents and data to be presented with the resume

1. Bachelor’s degree in business, public relations, or marketing.

2. Portfolio.

3. Work experience.

4. Qualifications.

5. Languages.

6. Skills and competencies.

7. Computer literacy.

Nowadays, a lot of events are held online. Therefore, it is relevant for future event planners to be specialized in computer programs, apps, and software. AZIMUT is one of the most commonly used software. It can provide the following features:

1. step-by-step planning;

2. team communication;

3. tasks organization;

4. PR assistant;

Your resume is your advertising. Thus, you must use it to show how good you are.

Event planners are usually engaged in organizing various activities. Depending on the type of event, any event coordinator should take in mind the type of event and apply their skills.

Type Event Skills
Branding Virtual branding of websites, logos, trademarks Imitation, public speaking
Training Learning activities Reception, guidance, exploration
Entertainment Stage plays, variety shows, musicals Creative thinking, experimentation
Corporate Seminars, conferences, round tables Time management, decision-making, multitasking

There is a definite list of skills that must be added to event planner resumes.

It is crucial to produce an event plan. This will help you communicate with other participants and have clear expectations of what you are doing. That, in turn, increases the productivity of every event planner and helps him acquire good knowledge and experience in the profession. Finally, the customers will be satisfied, they can give good recommendations for your work, and that is success for the future. Your portfolio always serves as a work record.

There are some important event planner resume writing tips that will be great to mention by writing your resume.

Writing tips for event planner resume

1. Structure your resume.

2. State your objective.

3. Describe the previous job and main achievements.

4. List the skills required for a future position.

Information on your previous experience as an event planner is important. Some of the applicants put this section at the end of the resume to finally highlight their features and skills.

Using is for your success and benefit because specialists working on this platform are highly competent and experienced. Besides, users’ surveys are good proof. The specialists can structure and develop your resume correctly, and that is key to a new life with new jobs, friends, colleagues, experience, and emotions. is a safe supporter for finding a new position and making your life better.

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Resume Example for Event Planner

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