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How to Write Event Planner Resume

An event manager is a professional who organizes business, sport, and entertainment events for a wide variety of companies and individuals. It is getting extremely popular now in 2021. These include competitions, concerts, contests, award ceremonies, corporate events, parties, international and local conferences. The profession is distinguished by creativity, creativity, multitasking and ultra-fast pace of work.

Let's take a closer look at what qualities an event manager should have, what responsibilities fall within his competence, where you can get an education and build a career?

Job description

Any event has a goal: strengthening team cohesion, a holiday or a significant event, improving the image of the company or product. None of them is complete without an event manager.The first stage of work is the collection of input data from the customer, the study of the nature of the participants of the event, the purpose of the. Further collection of the creative team: thinking through the script, drawing up an estimate of costs, approval.The event planner decides which staff will be required, selects the room, the scenery, the lighting, invites employees and controls the training.


The profession of an event manager is suitable for active people with a creative spirit, loving communication, holidays, responsibility, order and high pace of work. Such specialists should be in touch 24 hours 7 days a week, and it doesn't matter where they are at the moment: on vacation, at the airport, at a family dinner or at the reception of the president. The event manager does not do all the work on his own, he collaborates with contractors, suppliers, volunteers, leading designers, technicians, designers, sound and light specialists. However, the number of force majeure situations during events cannot be predicted: the electricity was cut off, the projector went down, the fireworks were soaked, advertising brochures were not laid out in places. Responsibility for all inconsistencies and mistakes falls on the shoulders of the manager, so he must have a wide range of knowledge and skills, be stress-resistant, resourceful, enterprising and be able to make quick decisions and, if necessary, replace the missing person or fix the damage. In addition, the profession requires logical thinking, a penchant for mathematics, because it is necessary to calculate costs and budget, communication skills and ability to work in a team.

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Resume Example for Event Planner

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