Resume Example for Administrative Assistant

How to Make a Resume for an Administrative Assistant

Each administrative assistant works on various projects and keeps track of the work that is aimed at the continuous development of the company. As a person working with people, the administrative assistant must have a lot of knowledge about resource management and the correct management of the team for the company to succeed. When writing a resume for administrative assistant in 2023, it is necessary to describe not only the key knowledge of the industry in the administration but also need to specify additional points, such as the experience of working as an administrative assistant. You can add a description of the specialized administrative skills and deep knowledge of the various tools in this area. In the resume, you can add unimportant skills that are not related to the specialty but are very important in the professional plan.

Job description

An administrative assistant is a person who works with the effective and cultural service of visitors. Advises visitors on issues related to the services provided by the company. Carries out the work of servicing visitors, creating comfortable conditions for them. It provides control over the preservation of material values. Advises visitors on issues related to services provided. Take measures to prevent and eliminate conflict situations.

Consider claims related to unsatisfactory service of visitors, and conduct the necessary organizational and technical measures. Supervises the proper design of the premises, and monitors the placement, updating, and advertising status inside and outside the building. It provides cleanliness and order in the room and the adjacent to it or building territory. Supervises the compliance of subordinate workers with labor and industrial discipline, rules and norms of labor protection, and requirements for industrial sanitation and hygiene. Informs the management of available disadvantages in maintaining visitors and measures to eliminate them. It provides employees with instructions from the management of enterprises, institutions, and organizations.

Professionally important qualities and professional skills that should be held by an administrative assistant: high-stress resistance, a good level of attention, the flexibility of thinking, good memory, expressive language, emotional stability, benevolence, flexibility, organization, responsibility, and independence.

Related Occupations with Administrative Assistant: Consultant Services, Sales Consultant.

General professional requirements for an administrative assistant:

The administrative assistant must:

  • to organize work in the workplace rationally and effectively;
  • adhere to the standards of the technological process;
  • do not miss the job;
  • to know and comply with the requirements of normative acts on labor protection and environment; to observe norms, methods, and techniques of safe conduct of works;
  • to use, if necessary, means of preventing and eliminating natural and unpredictable negative phenomena (fires, accidents, floods, etc.).

Scope of work for people holding an administrative assistant position:

  • all types of economic activity;
  • organization of the service of visitors;
  • organization and control of rational use of premises;
  • organization and control over compliance by workers with labor and industrial discipline;
  • work that is typical of office-managerial activities.


A modern administrative assistant must know the following things:

  • regulations, orders, orders, instructions and other normative documents and guidelines related to the organization of the enterprise;
  • the organization and content of the work of the head;
  • the organizational structure of the management of the enterprise on which it operates;
  • rights and duties of employees, the mode of their work;
  • personnel management technology;
  • rules and methods for organizing the service of visitors;
  • rules for the use of technical means of processing documents, oral and written documentation, the basis of computer information technology;
  • technological processes of information processing;
  • standards of organizational and administrative documentation systems;
  • business style of broadcast following professional direction, an assortment of services being implemented;
  • the basics of marketing;
  • the principle of planning and design of premises showcases, and advertising organization;
  • the fundamentals of aesthetics, ethics, psychology, and service of visitors, the basis of the branch economy, economic achievements for the successful fulfillment of knowledge and responsibilities; organization of labor and management;
  • the basis of labor law, rules of internal labor regulations.

A modern administrative assistant must be able to:

  • provide work for effective and cultural service to visitors;
  • create comfortable conditions for them;
  • to control the preservation of material values;
  • Advise visitors on available services;
  • take measures to prevent and eliminate conflict situations;
  • consider complaints related to unsatisfactory maintenance of visitors and take appropriate organizational and technical measures;
  • monitor the rational design of the premises, monitor the update and the state of advertising on the premises and the building;
  • to ensure cleanliness and order in the premises and adjoining territories;
  • control compliance with the workers of the enterprise, institution, organization of labor and industrial discipline, rules and norms of labor protection, requirements of industrial sanitation and hygiene, and fire protection;
  • inform the management of the company about the disadvantages in organizing the service of visitors, take measures to eliminate them, and monitor the implementation of the instructions by the employees of the company's management.

Resume Example for Administrative Assistant

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