Hire a Resume Writer Without a Misstep. Full Guide
Luci Peters
Certified Professional Resume Writer
May 25, 2022, 1:28 pm

Hire a Resume Writer Without a Misstep. Full Guide

When applying for a job, you must offer the employer to look at your resume in the USA. Such a document will allow you to understand whether you will cope with the proposed responsibilities in the future. The employer must determine whether you will provide value to the company and whether you can develop within the walls of the chosen company in the future.

But how to draw up such a document correctly? Can someone else do it for you? We will tell you critical questions about the types of resumes and the possible manuscript preparation by a professional below. So keep reading and find the complete guide to hiring a person to prepare a quality resume.

The content of the article:

  • What is a resume, and why do you need it?
  • Determine the purpose of your resume
  • What should be on a resume
  1. Contact details
  2. Career objective
  3. Experience
  4. About me
  • Varieties of resume
  • Benefits of Hiring a Professional Resume Writing Company
  • Cost of a resume writer
  1. Is there a guarantee?
  • Rules for choosing a reliable company

What is a resume, and why do you need it?

A resume for a job is not just a written collection of your work experience, education, scientific achievements, and powers. This is the first thing that the HR manager will see when considering the application. And you remember - "meet on clothes".

Spending time developing an accurate, beautiful, effective resume is necessary. You should do this before deciding on your future field of employment. We offer a step-by-step guide to writing this critical document to help you find a job faster.

Determine the purpose of your resume

Think about the fact that the resume is a kind of self-promotion. Literally, on one page, you will have to tell about yourself and everything that will be interesting to know: the employer and the personnel department employee.

Agree: minimum to reveal all your skills for the position, to prove to him the need for your candidacy. After all, this is the goal you are pursuing. And to get straight to the apple, you can help with a cover letter sent in addition to the resume. First, you must learn to understand the difference between the two documents.

The cover letter includes additional information about your skills in a particular field. The resume is a short, often marked document. It is not necessary to describe the character traits and achievements in detail. Still, it is essential to talk about unique skills that will be an ideal asset for a particular job.

What should be on a resume

Confidence that the chosen company will hire you depends on competent resume preparation. So the company in Minnesota will take only the best. Even freelancers who earn income from orders on third-party sites dream of working with a large metropolitan company. This is a remarkable document that consists of the following information:

Contact details

You must enter your last name, first name, and patronymic. Then provide information for further communication with you. In 2022, this must be the Post Office. The e-mail address should be written without using rare characters and diminutives. It should be a short and understandable address. So the employer can copy or rewrite it without errors. And ideally, remember. In addition, you can add addresses to social networks. This is a very profitable feature, mainly if you apply for jobs related to social networks and marketing. You can also write your Skype, Discord, or Linkedin, which is also gaining popularity. At the second stage of the interview, you can hold a video conference and talk about your work experience in more detail.

Career objective

This paragraph is advised to somehow highlight among the rest of the text. A potential employer must understand what your attitude to work and career prospects are. Of course, you shouldn't exaggerate. It is always important to consider your work experience as well. When hiring, each employer prefers to understand that the selected candidate will one hundred percent cope with the duties of the declared position in the resume desires.


This question should be disclosed specifically and with all the details. It is advisable to indicate by year all your previous jobs. And also dilute everything with information about the course. The employer will be interested to know what path of development you have gone through and what successes you have been able to achieve.

About me or interviews

It consists of several sentences, with which you should clearly identify your main strengths and shed light on your key skills and experience. This will give a great impression of the value you are going to offer the employer. Also, it will set you apart from other applicants who have been too lazy to write a resume correctly. Do not copy phrases from other sources. In most cases, they are very common for an experienced recruiter, and your resume should consist of clear facts about yourself and be unique.

Varieties of resumes

Now let's figure out what types of resumes there are. So you can choose for yourself. For convenience, we have prepared a small table:

                                                                Chronological summary    

The chronological summary is compiled on the principle of "everything in order". Lists the jobs and responsibilities you performed. A description of your CV in reverse chronological order will best demonstrate your skills and strengths.

Use a chronological resume if:

  • you want to get a job in a field where you have made steady and impressive progress;
  • The last place of work is a strength of your work experience, and you plan to continue in this activity.
          Functional resume

This type demonstrates your professional skills, experience, and achievements. Information about where and in what period you worked is either withheld or outlined.

We recommend using this type of resume if:

  • you have almost nothing to say about your previous job, and you are applying for a regular position;
  • you return to this field of activity after a long break;
  • a clear chronological order of demonstrating your experience will work against you;
  • you have worked in different places, but past work experience does not reflect your career growth.
            Combined type

The combined resume not only demonstrates your qualifications and achievements but also allows you to get a clear idea of the chronology of your resume.

A combined resume is useful if you fall into one of the following categories: you want to change professions, and you want to emphasize your general training and qualifications, instead of specifying any specific professional responsibilities that you had to do in previous jobs. you have not been able to go through the initial selection phase with a chronological resume, and you want to make it more "striking". you want to get a job that you think you can handle, but your career has little to do with that particular job.

      Summary - important details

You submitted your resume but never received an interview invitation. One of the reasons for the employer's silence may be that the company's HR specialist decided not to spend his valuable time on a document created and executed in any way.

Suppose the position for which an employee is needed is quite common in the labor market. In that case, one advertisement published in the media or on the Internet receives several dozen resumes. Human resources cannot, reading every text sent to them, spend hours analyzing details and thinking about what exactly the candidate meant.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Resume Writing Company

It is almost impossible to take into account all the nuances of compiling a resume. This may be due to the presence of little or no experience at all. But don't worry. Real professionals will be able to help in writing a resume. They take into account the scope of your activity and present a working biography about you in such a way that 95% of situations will hire you.

                Attention! For a resume to be at the highest level, you need to provide as much useful information about yourself as possible.

Below, we look at the important benefits of why you should hire a professional resume writing company in Nyc:

  • Modern trends are taken into account. Such firms are happy to offer only new and effective solutions to your issue. Several specialists will work on one resume at once in order to prepare the most effective resume. During the drafting process, only modern trends will be applied, which will increase the effectiveness of such a document. This is an important reason to profile at the professional level. Even if you are a pharmacist or nurse.
  • Select the required data. Do not regard all information as important. You need to learn how to highlight your main advantages over competitors. And in a professional company, they will be able to understand how you differ from others and for what characteristics you can be hired.
  • Error correction. It is best to entrust this work to professionals with experience. Everything is written will be rechecked, and the work will be prepared for the final completion. Additionally, the names of the institutions where you worked before will also be checked. As a result, there will be a competent and interesting document for the study of employers.

Remember important! Real professionals can prepare a resume much more effectively and quickly than you were alone. They already know proven patterns and the best tricks to implement their plans. Therefore, to save time, it is best to seek help immediately. So any difficulties will seem insignificant, and you will not worry again.

Cost of a resume writer

The worth can be different, and it all depends on the chosen company. Most often, there are offers, the cost of which varies from 100 to 500 dollars in NC or area. The price tag depends on what level of resume you need. For example, for the IT sector technical ATS, a more in-depth study of the issue and preparation is required. There is no sense in coming up with something complicated.

Is there a guarantee?

Many reputable companies are ready to offer a guarantee of their services. And most often these guarantee offers to look like this:

  • 60% that you will be called for a face-to-face interview (if you are not a freelancer) or a video call for communication (if you apply for a remote job);
  • A 100% job guarantee is a rare offer but lures many people away from job exchanges.

Important! Choose a company wisely. You don't have to believe all the advertisements. Let's talk about how to choose a reliable company below.

Rules for choosing a reliable company — tip

Organizing a resume creation process is a complex process that requires increased attention. Therefore, you should make sure that your order is fulfilled by highly qualified specialists. To meet your expectations and needs as a result of the service, when choosing a company, pay special attention to the following points:

  • Terms of providing the finished work. The sooner the company can send you the job done, the better. Be sure to make sure that the service meets the deadlines communicated to the customer. Delays and delays will bring little pleasure to cooperation.
  • Several services. This can be creating a resume for different areas— for example, medicine, IT, graphics, and more.
  • Staff. These should be qualified professionals with extensive experience. Then you can expect that the organization of the process of creating a resume will be good. Today, cheap is not always a good reason. In the end, let's say that every certified metropolitan business will only offer work with experienced professionals.
  • Willingness to take responsibility. Masters are responsible not only for the quality of their work. Therefore, before ordering services, ask how the company will behave in case of customer dissatisfaction. If heroes are willing to take full responsibility for their work, most likely, such a company values ​​its reputation and customers, and cooperation will succeed.
  • Customer loyalty. The company must be ready to make concessions to the client. Through such behavior, the company promotes the development of a good attitude of the client himself, and there is a high probability that the client will return. This is not about blind customer service, there is a limit to everything, but loyalty must be present. So any expense will be justified. Moreover, the client getting services will be satisfied.
  • The presence of the site in Berkeley and relevant pages on social networks indicates that the company is keeping up with the times. In an era of pandemics, if a company is not online, then the company does not exist at all. Plus, the company can tell you more about itself, its principles, and its work process on the site.
  • Real customer feedback. The first is what the reviews should be. Point. Either on the company's website or social networks, you should be able to read about the experience of this company with real customers. Honest companies usually publish reviews openly and generally actively interact with potential customers.

Here are some simple company search rules that can provide you with reliable conditions for writing a resume. Do not neglect to search for information to choose the most ideal option for you.