Resume Example for Babysitter

How to make a resume for a babysitter

Babysitting is a great way of earning money. This job allows you to combine it with studying or even another main full-time job. This job would be perfect for you, if you have free time and love children. Not that much to start, right? Certainly, compulsory, but insufficient requirements for the candidates for the position of a babysitter. You have to know how to deal with children. So, it is necessary to have basic knowledge of children psychology. You probably remember what does it mean to babysit someone, if you have younger sister or brother. It is, of course, different if it comes for babysitting someone out of your family. You have to adjust to their traditions, vires, and habits, in order to go along well. Hence, profession of babysitter is underestimated in terms of qualification and skills needed. Yes, there is a stereotype that it is a job for teens, but we have to get rid of it now, in 2021. This is a job for everyone, who is qualified enough for it! Well, sure, as a babysitter you will have to step in for parents only when they are busy and probably you will not even get to spend really much time babysitting for one family. However, you will have to adjust to the inside family rules really quickly. This is challenging, but really in a good way. It will make you more flexible in communication, so that you can get along with people of any types. Think of it as of a pay off for all the difficulties you might bump into during your work.

Job description

Here are some common requirements for babysitters:

  • no bad habits. This feature allows you to quickly establish contacts with children and parents. But if you have bad habits, then at the time of work it is worth to abandon them completely.
  • the ability to organize well the leisure of the child. A good time spent by the child will have a positive effect on the nanny's professionalism and will provide good recommendations. The child, in turn, will receive new knowledge, impressions, development will be directed in the right direction.
  • knowledge of basic medical skills. A future nanny should be able to provide first aid before the arrival of an ambulance (if necessary). On this depends not only the health of the baby, but also life.
  • observance of subordination. A nanny should not put herself as part of the family in which she works. This behavior is not permissible.
  • kindness and hospitality women. These requirements are for babysitter. At this age, the child perceives the world through the prism of emotions, so a positive woman is the ideal option.
  • decency. The future helper in raising a child should be modest and polite. Such traits have always attracted people, and for the employer this is a real treasure.

All of them totally make sense, since you are going work with children. Working with children is not as easy as it sounds. The professionalism of the nanny provides not only understanding with the child and his parents, but is also a guarantee of the safety of children, their physical and moral well-being. There is a rule of rules and requirements for the nurse who will help to coordinate not only the parents in the selection of the assistant, but also the employer who selects candidates.


Make sure you mention following skills in your resume:

  • Responsible
  • Caring
  • Easy-going
  • Have basic knowledge of children psychology
  • Patient
  • Strong communicator
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Resume Example for Babysitter

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