What Childcare Skills for a Resume You Should Add?
Adam Smith
Certified Professional Career Coach
May 16, 2022, 11:52 am

What Childcare Skills for a Resume You Should Add?

What Childcare Skills for a Resume You Should Add?

Why do moms and dads start looking for a babysitter for their children, and don’t send them to a kindergarten? The most common reason is the desire to provide the child with a professional but individual approach to education. Of course, every parent wants to find a wise, caring, educated nanny for their children, to whom they can entrust their child without any doubt. Learn more about childcare worker skills for a resume and what is needed to be an attractive candidate and be more likely to become a babysitter.

What are Childcare Careers?

The main duty of a babysitter is to look after and take care of the child. This includes feeding, walking, and educational games. All other possible functions of childcare careers are secondary. Families hiring a childcare provider often require applicants to combine childcare duties with some housework. The duty to maintain order in the children's room looks logical.

For a babysitter, there are a number of personal qualities without which this job is unlikely to be successful. Love for children, poise, a positive outlook on life, patience, and sociability, while you must be a listener first of all.

In addition to personal qualities, you will need to be interested in modern methods of raising children of different age groups and many other special skills. If you don't already know about them, then take the trouble to find information if you are targeting childcare careers.

What is a babysitting resume?

Responsible work requires a responsible approach to filling out a resume. Otherwise, you risk being left without employment. The problem of filling out a babysitting resume often lies in distrust, since not all parents run the risk of leaving their child to a stranger, even if she has several types of education and decades of experience. The job seeker's task is to win over the future employer, getting him interested from the first line, and ResumeGets professionally helps job seekers in this.

When communicating with potential babysitters, employers, first of all, pay attention to the following features of the applicant:

  • Age. Often, many parents intuitively trust older nannies more, as they are considered to be more experienced, so raising children is easier for them. But experienced babysitters, especially those of pre-retirement and retirement age, often come to a new house with their own rules and habits. Such women love to teach parents, and sometimes even criticize their parenting style. Young babysitters usually establish contact with children faster and listen to the requirements of moms and dads.
  • Experience. If you have already worked as a babysitter for several years, then your chances of getting a higher-paying job will be much more increased than if you do not have such experience.
  • Education. Some parents put a clear requirement that the nanny should have a pedagogical, psychological, or medical education. In fact, the presence of such education does not guarantee the high quality of the services provided. Most childcare duties can be handled by any responsible person. However, the presence of a clause on education in the resume will significantly affect the cost of babysitting services.
  • Recommendations and a cover letter from the previous job place are additional helpers for childcare applicants.

The correct resume for the position of babysitter has its own specific features that must be taken into account when compiling it.

You must be confident in yourself and your skills. Write only what is really true. Note if you know how to establish contact, note if you can control yourself and not succumb to negative impulses or if you can instantly notice a change in the child's mood.

It is rational to indicate in the babysitter resume only a few main positions that will fully reveal the strengths. Examples of personal qualities:

  • kindness;
  • responsiveness;
  • sincerity;
  • responsibility;
  • stress resistance;
  • peace of mind.

It is important after, in practice, to confirm your words in the resume and at the interview, but not to refute them. Literacy in the design of a babysitter's resume is important as a visual business card. Most likely, parents will ask to conduct developmental lessons with the child after kindergarten, to help with homework after school. Then they will focus on education and the ability to express thoughts.

Must-have sections to include on a resume

What to put on a babysitting resume for job skills in childcare?

In short, please describe correctly your experience as a babysitter, the methods of child development that you use in your work, and what success your wards have achieved during your work in the previous family. Do not forget to indicate the age of the children whose upbringing you were engaged in.

A babysitter's resume may contain additional duties of a secondary nature. Sometimes families ask the candidate to demonstrate cooking skills, for example, cooking oatmeal with milk for breakfast. Or future duties will include cleaning the baby's room. It is desirable to indicate such additional duties that you are willing to perform.

In more detail, ResumeGets experts, in response to the question of what to put on a resume for job skills in childcare, recommend the following sections to include on the resume:

1. Work experience, skills

This is one of the main and important points of the resume. Here it is necessary to describe in detail and reasonably the work in this activity. Speaking about your merits, you should understand that the fact of your employment largely depends on this, therefore you should describe in detail your skills in the field of childcare.

If you want to get a babysitter position, then you need to not only give a description of your cooking and cleaning skills. When describing seniority, attention should be focused on experience in the field of childcare and housekeeping or teaching activities.

Nanny applicants should know that very often employers will prefer a woman aged 35-55 who knows how to cook and loves children. Therefore, when compiling a resume for a babysitter, you need to look for the necessary qualities in yourself and set them out in a document.

Don't make the mistake of listing only the chronology and title of previous jobs. Valuable information about the duties that you performed, about the achievements in this area. It is enough to indicate the last few places or those for the last 5 years.

2. Information about hobbies

When hiring a person, the employer wants to cooperate with an individual with an accommodating character. Therefore, you should tell in detail about your hobby and additional knowledge, for example, of any foreign language. Your freestyle presentation will only emphasize your individuality. It is important subsequently at the interview as brightly as it is written in the resume, to present to potential employers.

3. Recommendations

A huge advantage is if there are people who can recommend you. Sometimes such a favorable acquaintance increases the chances of getting a position in a childcare career.

The presence of letters of recommendation will allow you to indicate this fact in your resume. It is helpful to place an excerpt from the recommendations in a couple of sentences in the resume.

4. Salary

The resume contains an important section about salary. What you specify can play a decisive part in your future destiny. In fact, the figure that reflects the preferences in salary, speaks about your self-assessment. Some are embarrassed to indicate the desired payment, underestimating the numbers in the resume. The employer usually correlates the amount of pay with your skills. Therefore, do not go to extremes.

However, this should not be considered a kind of rule when applying for a job. Although you can experiment and create 2 resumes with different salary expectations. The result will show which of the resumes will attract more attention. There is another life rule that says that believing in yourself will make those around you believe in you as well.

ResumeGets experience says that writing a resume should be made for the requirements of a particular employer.

5. Your online presence

Despite the fact of a resume, the employer has a need to search for information about you in a social network and specialized resources. The collected information will give a detailed picture of your professional activities and personal life. Therefore, your presence on professional websites is highly desirable. This will only contribute to a successful job search.

Today, the network provides great opportunities not only to show your own life and career but also to others to receive truthful information that gives the most complete picture of a person than three sheets of text in a resume.

Listen to the good advice of ResumeGets professionals and use specialized resources by presenting your positive professional story that shows your success. If you are not yet registered in social networks and are looking for a job, then it is not superfluous to register.

According to the experience of many applicants, Facebook worked very well in this direction. It was from there that they received several responses and offers to be interviewed.

Additional skills for childcare infant resume

In addition to your knowledge and skills, be sure to indicate extra skills for childcare infant resumes, as well as personal qualities so that the employer's family can assess how suitable you are for them.

Important qualities of a babysitter will be:

  1. Love for children and animals;
  2. Balance and the ability to negotiate with any person;
  3. Small but still work experience;
  4. Absence of family problems.

Add personal information as requested by the employer. Information regarding your personal life is important here: marital status, your own children, and studies. Usually, you can not combine work with children and other part-time work.

In the matter of raising children, attention to detail, vigilance, high efficiency, energy, and responsibility are important. Do not rewrite all examples of personal qualities in your resume. It is enough to limit yourself to a few positions that, in your opinion, best describe you and are most suitable for performing the duties of a babysitter.

Highlighting your childcare skills during your interview

It is worth preparing for an interview, adequately assessing your capabilities in the market in the current situation, and also being ready to make compromises. You should let your potential employer know about your strengths in childcare. Highlighting your childcare skills during your interview is very important.

At the interview, first of all, you will be assessed by appearance and behavior. Untidiness, illiterate speech, harsh tone, and being late for an interview without warning can cause you to be distrusted as a potential babysitter.

Here's what to expect in a job interview and how you can use it to your advantage:

  • Questions about personal and professional life. They probably won’t find out the details, but they may ask to briefly talk about your marital status, interests and hobbies, and former jobs. The interviewer will most likely listen carefully to what the babysitter has to say about previous clients. Therefore, do not speak badly about previous employers, even if you did not get along very well, and be restrained in your statements if it is difficult for you to say something good about them.
  • An assessment of how comfortable and easy it is to be in your company. If a potential employer feels discomfort in the process of communicating with the nanny, then, with a high probability, it will be difficult for the child to establish contact with her, so try to win over yourself, and listen carefully to your interlocutor.
  • Getting to know the child. If you are interviewing directly with the child's family, then you can be introduced to the baby right away to see how the child's first acquaintance with a potential babysitter will go. And while it usually takes a few days or weeks for a good nanny-child relationship to develop, the child's reaction to you and your actions or behavior can be a powerful argument for parents in their hiring decision.
  • Testing behavior in hypothetical situations. You may, for example, be asked a question about what you would do if the child had a temperature, the child fell, or is simply naughty. How would you solve the issue of childish disobedience?
  • Communication on various topics. During the conversation, a potential employer may try to understand how close a particular person is to the family in terms of life values ​​and principles of raising children. If your views differ noticeably, then in the end it is unlikely that you will be able to find mutual understanding. In this situation, again, try to listen more than talk to understand what values are important here and whether you are ready to share them.

Childcare educator skills for resume

Don't forget to highlight your childcare educator skills for your resume and then highlight your skills and accomplishments during the interview. For the employer, your best achievement will be the experience of successfully working with children of a certain age. This experience should be supported by the presence of references in the resume.

The success of the wards can also be considered an achievement of the babysitter. If with your help a child has learned to play the piano or swim, or even took part in a concert or performed well in competitions, this is a reason for pride for you personally. Success can also be considered an advance in the development of peers in communication skills, reading and writing skills, familiarization with elementary mathematical concepts, and so on.

In the section about your childcare educator skills for resume and achievements, you can place information that, for example, you took full care of a child from 2 to 7 years old, fed daily, cooked soups, cereals, omelets, and more, carried out hygiene procedures, massage, gymnastics, kept order in the children's room and toys, while:

  • Your ward child was potty trained;
  • Accustomed to self-service, use of appliances, and self-dressing.
  • Taught to speak, draw, read, and elementary mathematical concepts.
  • As a result, by the age of 4, the child was able to speak fluently in sentences of 20-30 words, began to read by syllables, and solve simple mathematical examples, and causal thinking developed at the level of 7 years.

Believe us, such achievements, if any, will be very attractive because every parent wants his child to develop well and quickly.

Learn how to improve child care resume skills

Useful knowledge and additional opportunities will always make you a more attractive potential babysitter in the eyes of employers. It is worth constantly developing, and striving to gain new knowledge. Really helpful in a babysitter's resume is information about special education.

Passed courses of a psychologist in the direction of child development become a big trump card. A candidate with this factor will be more likely to be selected, so take special courses that will help you improve your babysitting skills.
A potential employee can complete courses in gymnastics for newborns, and preventive massage, and improve their knowledge of the features of children's cuisine.
Key medical knowledge of child care, first aid skills, and undoubtedly knowledge in the field of child psychology and pedagogy will be very useful and attractive to employers. Learn to get along with children of all ages.
Explore teaching and development methods for children of different age groups, such as Montessori, Gnoshinsky, Masaro, and others.
Knowledge of children's poems, songs, nursery rhymes, and riddles will help you to better find contact with children.

Add diplomas and certificates to the application. Such a portfolio will also show the positive side of an applicant.


When compiling a babysitter resume, one or two pages of information submitted in blocks will be enough to get you noticed and invited to an interview, so you should not try to tell absolutely everything in it.

The main thing is to pay attention to any errors, typos, and inaccuracies that easily spoil the applicant's reputation. There should be no mistakes at all since the employer pays attention even to such a trifle. After compiling a summary, it should be carefully re-read and edited several times.

ResumeGets will help you take into account and avoid all the mistakes in the babysitter resume. We will help you divide your resume into blocks, correctly present all your strengths and skillfully turn a lack of experience into potential.

What you can easily get with ResumeGet is double your chance of being invited to an interview. Your next step will be to make a positive impression on a potential employer, whether it be a company or baby's parents directly.