Resume Example for Youth Services Specialist

How to make a resume for a youth services specialist

The sphere of public administration is in dire need of highly qualified specialists who are capable of realizing the set strategic objectives of the socio-economic and innovative development of the US in 2021. Youth service specialist are in charge of covering following responsibilities:

  • organization of events in the field of youth policy aimed at civil and patriotic education of youth, education of tolerance among youth, the formation of legal, cultural and moral values ​​among young people
  • organizing events in the field of youth policy aimed at shaping the system for developing talented and enterprising youth, creating conditions for self-realization of adolescents and youth, developing creative, professional, and intellectual potential of adolescents and youth
  • organization of events in the field of youth policy aimed at involving young people in innovative, entrepreneurial, voluntary activities, as well as the development of civic activism and the formation of a healthy lifestyle
  • organizing events aimed at preventing asocial and destructive behavior of adolescents and young people, supporting children and young people in a socially dangerous situation
  • organization of leisure and recreation for children, adolescents and young people;
  • organization of activities of specialized (specialized) camps
  • ensuring the introduction of new forms and methods for the implementation of services (works) in the field of youth policy
  • quality control, efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of services (works) in the field of youth policy

Job description

The goal of working with young people is to create prerequisites and support young people in their ability to cope with life in society. Specialists in work with young people work with young people. The profession of a specialist in working with young people can be conditionally referred to the auxiliary professions. The youth work specialist supports the personal development of young people and the training of young people outside of school, family and work and creates the conditions necessary to achieve it. It develops, implements and evaluates programs and projects aimed at young people, attracts young people to the design and implementation of activities, and also promotes cooperation among young people. A key activity is the creation and maintenance of trusting relationships with young people; development of their initiative and responsibility, as well as the creation of supporting services. An important part of the work will be cooperation with young people, with their parents and with specialists from other areas. The work is very diverse and has a fluid nature: the organization of events, participation with young people in international, state, county and local events, communication with people and institutions.


We have came up with necessary skills that you should include in your resume to make it more attractive for potential employers:

  • honesty;
  • openness;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • creative skills;
  • initiative and willingness to cooperate;
  • organizational skills;
  • empathy;
  • stress resistance;
  • consistency and responsibility.

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Resume Example for Youth Services Specialist

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