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How to make a resume for a Nanny

Probably, a lot of teens used to do babysitting in high school or college in order to earn some extra money. Back then, it should have been easy to get pocket money: you just had to stay with kids from your neighborhood for a couple of hours or more and control them. Perhaps it was necessary to check if they go to bed on time, eat their dinner, and brush their teeth. In other words, check if they keep up with their daily routine. We bet it was easy to combine this job with doing homework or just watching TV; sounds not that difficult, huh? However, when babysitting turns into a full-time nanny job, it takes it to a whole new level. Nanny is a sort of parents' ambassador when they are away. A nanny is in charge of a whole day's routine of a kid and fosters a child, helping them to deal with the challenges of growing up. Depending on the requirements of a family, which decides to hire a nanny, she or he has to take care of meals and entertainment. Hence, cooking skills and some crafting skills might be a plus and increase your chances of getting a job. Nanny should also keep the house neat and tidy.

Job description

These are some general responsibilities for a nanny; however, as mentioned, they might vary depending on the family you will make a working agreement with.

  • full child care;
  • walks;
  • adherence to the day;
  • cooking for a child;
  • games and development by age;
  • escort from kindergarten;
  • instilling skills of independence;
  • cleaning the children's room;

In addition to this, the nanny's duties include the fulfillment of the instructions of the pediatrician and the instructions of the parents. There are families in which the duties of a nanny include cleaning the entire apartment and preparing food for all family members, but this is a separate condition, and it is discussed before going to work. Combining vacancies between nannies and assistants does not always have a good effect on the quality of work performed, and the nanny doesn't always perform well. However, if you are ready to be both, you should better mention it. Multitasking at this point is extremely valuable. Also, if you know some foreign languages and are ready to teach kid basic - that would be a really huge benefit for the majority of parents. Certainly, only if you know how to teach and keep the attention of a kid.


You should start with your professional qualities and skills rather than personal ones when pitching your candidacy for the position. Now, don't get this piece of advice wrong. Nanny is almost a part of a family, so you definitely have to be easygoing and have a positive attitude in order to fit in. However, professional skills will be crucial. So, make sure to mention that you:

  • have a positive experience with dealing with people ( attach references from families you worked with)
  • know methods and approaches to fostering people
  • have how to give first medical health in case of emergency
  • have strong communication skills
  • know children psychology

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Resume Example for Nanny

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