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Perfect nurse resume example to know essential details and apply for a job

In order to create a good enough CV, the first thing that should be done by every internet user is to look at the detailed nurse resume example, which is available on the ResumeGets website. Only with the help of it, literally, any internet user will be able to create a perfect document at any time. But in order to make this process more efficient, it is recommended to learn more information on the best structure formula. 

Nurse resume structure

One of the key things to learn from the nurse cv example – is the basic structure of the document. It should include such information like:

  • Professional summary;
  • Key achievements;
  • Skills;
  • Certifications!

By following such a simple structure, it is possible to achieve the best results in representing the information to HRs. This is a very serious and important profession, which is why it is crucial to look for as many nurse resume examples as possible. 

Key achievements

People should not underestimate their previous achievements. Adding information about what you have done previously will build a perfect background for your future career. The list of achievements mostly consists of a couple of basic points.

Education Professional achievements Long service awards
It is very important for the professional to be educated. Always pay attention to the inclusion of information about what you have previously learned. If you were a good nurse and have made a significant contribution to the previous working place, do not be shy to show that in your resume. Some people have spent a significant amount of time in one place, and it is already a good sign of loyalty which is also important to highlight.

By including the information on such achievements, it will define the resume among all other ones. 

Skills to add to nurse resume

To show what a person is truly capable of, it is important to add detailed information on everything related to this profession. It is recommended to dedicate some time to provide the best information possible. It should include at least a basic list of skills:

  • Communication skills;
  • Ability to control the stress level;
  • Skills in working with different software tools;
  • Care for other people's problems;
  • Making quick and good decisions in hard situations!

It is a list of skills that are really valuable and can be found in literally any example nurse resume. 

Communication skills

Almost every new nurse resume example includes communication skills because true professionals should be able to easily speak with any kind of person as they may need assistance.

Ability to control the stress level

Being a nurse is a stressful job, so nurse resume summary examples include an important skill, like the ability to control the stress level. 

Skills in working with different software tools

Software is an important part of the automation process. It is important to have at least some kind of skills in working with a computer, tablet, and smartphone. They can make the working process much easier and more efficient.

Care for other people's problems

Every example of nurse resume includes care for others. It is an important skill for true professionals. 

Making quick and good decisions in hard situations

Making decisions is always a tricky thing, so it is always important to always be great to be able to make them, even if the situation will be really hard. Do not forget about professional nurse resume examples that show the best ways how to represent such skills.


Certificates are very important for people who are trying to do the best they can to get a good offer. In most resume examples, try to include information on the following certificates:

Emergency nurse  Holistic nursing  Ambulatory nurse
This certification is needed primarily for hospitals and trauma centers. Meditation and spiritual procedures are what make this kind of certification so special. Professionals with such certifications are able to work in almost any medical institution.

Certification helps nurses to show what they are capable of when it comes to medical skills. 

Nurse resume writing tips

It is possible to give at least a couple of writing tips to make the process of making the CV easier. Just follow what an example of a nurse resume shows you to do. Copy a standard structure, describe your working experience, previous achievements, and skills, and do not forget about certification – it is very important.


Nurse Resume Example

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