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How to Write Production Worker Resume

Performance of most labor operations is automated on production in 2021. Automatic machines, production lines replace people, performing heavy monotonous work with greater speed and accuracy. The lines can be controlled by a production worker, who with the help of special levers, toggle switches and buttons, following the indicators of the sensors, manages the production process.

Job description

Production worker regulates the supply of raw materials and reagents, starts and controls the processing process, monitors the resulting products. Semi-automatic lines are used when there is a high variability of the raw materials used and it is necessary to constantly monitor the processing process (for example, woodworking). Their application is also possible when various types of products are manufactured on one line. If the quantitative and qualitative conditions can be standardized (raw materials, processing scheme), then the order and quality of operations can be programmed. Thus, under the supervision of a production worker there may be several automated lines; he controls the correctness, safety and consistency of their work, carries out a routine inspection. A production worker controls the work of the line, verifying the indicators of the sensors with the existing standards, monitors the flow of components used and the unloading or reception of finished products.


Necessary qualities to ensure success in the profession:

  • good visual memory
  • accuracy
  • speed of the reaction
  • good hearing
  • developed fine motor skills
  • tendency to planning, self-organization
  • predictive ability.

Production Worker should know:

  • chemistry
  • physics
  • math
  • materials Science
  • equipment and production technology.
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Production Worker Resume Sample

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