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In any dentistry, you will not find a dentist without a dental assistant because this profession is very important and requires certain skills with a dental assistant resume example. A dental assistant is the second hand of the dentist, as he helps him in absolutely everything to facilitate the process of dental treatment. In addition to dental care, the dental assistant must have some knowledge of dentistry and be able to make decisions that can save a person’s life. Let’s see what it takes to write a successful resume for dental assistant examples.

Resume Structure for Dental Assistant

A dental assistant’s summary is a document that describes the dental assistant’s professional experience, abilities, and potential:

1. Your contacts.

  • Full Name
  • Updated Phone Number
  • Professional Email Address

2. Education.

In this section, you should write where you were studying (in which higher educational institution), which specialization you had graduated and a year of finishing.

3. Skills.

Be honest and describe what you can do and which knowledge you have achieved.

4. Language.

Your list of languages.

5. Professional experience.

Give information about your previous place of work and which functions were done in this position.

6. Certification.

Lifelong learning is the key to improving skills, achieving success, and achieving the best results. Qualification requirements dental assistants are ready to cope with any task.

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Dental Assistant Skills

The duties of a dental assistant in a private clinic may differ from those performed by a specialist in a budget organization. First, because in each institution, the doctor works with his usual materials and on a certain technology, and secondly, because doctors have a private practice, usually more advanced equipment, they modernize patient management protocols and respond more quickly to innovations in their field of work, but our team find common skills for all and write in our example of a dental assistant resume:

Fast hands work

All dental manipulation doctor is forced to do pretty quickly: many filling materials, as well as medicines, must be removed from the package in the shortest possible time and applied for the intended purpose. Also, the doctor often needs a quick change of working tools, attachments on drills, mirrors, and tongs. It is for the speed of all these tasks and requires an assistant dentist.

Basic skills 

  •  primary examination of the patient;
  •  partial performance of preventive, curative, and diagnostic manipulations; 
  •  assistance in the selection of filling material. Maintenance of cleanliness in the patient’s mouth during the work of the doctor (removal of saliva, blood, rinsing of the mouth).


An important part of the duties of a dental assistant is the procurement of tools and consumables.


A dental assistant should be able to work with his hands. Given that dental surgery is carried out in a small part of the body, it is necessary to use accurate movements and correct tools. That’s why agility is so important in this profession.

Also, you can mention the already more specific skills that will show your professionalism:

  • compliance with sanitary norms in the office, timely disinfection, weekly general cleaning (washing of floors, walls, ceilings, windows, furniture, and equipment);
  • preparation for work of tools, their disinfection, and sterilization;
  • cleaning of the doctor’s workplace at the end of the working day, incl. disinfection of the tips and turning off the equipment;
  • keeping records of medicines, consumables, and dressings, issuing them to a doctor; keeping track of expiration dates and balances;
  • keeping records of patients, filling out various forms of records, and making entries in logs on cleaning, equipment health, and sterilization tools.

Life hacks for resume examples Dental Assistant

If your objective is to find a great job – you should use these recommendations:


Write the most important functions of a dental assistant.


A certificate of specialist is not just another piece of paper but a serious certification document that ensures that a candidate for a vacant position in the clinic will be able to perform the duties of a dental assistant.

Additional Skills 

  • anatomy and physiology of the maxillofacial region and all maxillofacial anomalies; 
  • the basics of clinical psychology;
  • methods of installation of various orthodontic devices, prostheses, and implants.

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Dental Assistant Resume Example

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