Resume Example for Dental Assistant

How to make a resume for a dental assistant

Description of occupation dental assistant. To dental assistants, people with minimal damage to teeth are treated. Caries treatment, channel problems, filling of separate areas of teeth - all this belongs to the competence of the dentist and dental assistant. The end result, of course, depends on the degree of tooth decay, but the skill of the doctor and the dental assistant also plays an important role. When writing a resume in 2021 for a dental assistant at a private medical center or state clinic, you need to describe your key knowledge in the field of dentistry, describe your education, the key medical knowledge you have gained during your studies, your dental assistant experience.

Job description

The profession of a dental assistant is a broad concept that combines several key areas: therapy, surgery, orthopedics, periodontology.

The dentist and dental assistant are engaged in the treatment of gum disease and soft tissue around the tooth. Often pain in the oral cavity is associated with gum problems. One of the most dangerous diseases that fall within the competence of a dental assistant is periodontal disease. When between the tooth and the gums gets an infection, there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth and the gums begin to get sick. If you do not do anything, there is a great risk of losing your teeth. In most cases, it is possible to stop the destructive process by medical treatment, especially run cases, without surgical intervention.

A dental surgeon, together with a dental assistant, deals with oral cavity treatment when all the previous methods are useless. The orthopedic dentist restores and protects teeth.

Many of us remember how in school all of them mocked classmates who were wearing braces. An incorrect bite is not only an aesthetic defect, but it can also cause pain in the gums and teeth. Correction of bite anomalies is the prerogative of the orthodontist, who deals with treatment with a dental assistant.

Career growth and pay for a dental assistant

In the modern world, the profession of a dental assistant is one of the most highly paid and promising. A young specialist can start a career as an assistant in a clinic, and gradually gain valuable experience. There are several options to realize yourself: move up the career ladder in a large clinic or open your own dentist's office.

A highly professional dental assistant uses advanced technology and quality materials to easily achieve the patient's desired result. Therefore, the reputation of a dental assistant is a key factor for success.


The work of a modern dental assistant can combine several directions at once, this is possible through various treatments and is often practiced in small private medical centers.

The doctor together with the dental assistant can independently examine the patient and appoint the necessary procedures and independently carry them out.

The profession of a dentist is inextricably linked with the person who holds the post of the dental assistant and is responsible for the treatment with a specialist who responds not only for the result but also for the patient's health. The dental assistant needs to constantly expand knowledge, keep track of novelties in the methods of treatment of teeth and oral cavity. What would start a career, you need to master the knowledge about human physiology, types of diseases of teeth, features of the structure of the jaw, to be able to use special tools, understand the drugs. For this end the higher medical school for the corresponding specialty (dentistry).

Pros and cons of the dental assistant profession.


  • a competent dental assistant in the market;
  • decent wages;
  • if you wish, you can open your own clinic or office.

Disadvantages of the professional dental assistant:

  • an expensive faculty, getting free study is very difficult due to high competition;
  • the profession of a dental assistant is not for everyone, especially vulnerable people will have to get used to the specifics of work for a long time.
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Resume Example for Dental Assistant

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