Resume Example for Physical Therapist

How to Make a Resume for a Physical Therapist

Summary of the physiotherapist in 2024 is not a man after his completed massage course. A physiotherapist is a highly qualified, experienced medical specialist whose curriculum covers subjects also taught to doctors and nurses. Only a qualified physiotherapist knows how to restore the patient's health. A physiotherapist — is a person who uses various physical stimuli:

  • therapeutic gymnastics;
  • therapeutic baths;
  • laser therapy;
  • electromagnetic field, and other forms of physiotherapy.

Over time, rehabilitation studies have been changed to physiotherapy classes, and graduates of the university have begun to receive the title of physiotherapist.

Job description

To complete (successfully!) the curriculum of physiotherapy study, graduate students of higher education institutions need to undergo a bachelor's program in physiotherapy to obtain a professional qualification for the profession of a physiotherapist.

A successful physical therapist is able to do the following:

  • apply new theoretical and methodological knowledge in the field of medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and other medical sciences on which rehabilitation is based;
  • explain and be able to apply in practical terms all modern trends in the development of integrated rehabilitation based on new knowledge of medical sciences in relation to physiotherapy;
  • properly apply highly specialized rehabilitation and physiotherapy procedures depending on individual diagnoses;
  • be able to prepare a scientific research project in the field of physiotherapy based on knowledge of scientific methodology and is able to methodologically correct and protect the results of his scientific work;
  • has specialized contacts with patients within the existing health system based on ethical principles.

Physiotherapist carries out diagnostic, preventive, and medical assistance in the area of disorders of the human musculoskeletal system in the area of:

  • preventive health care institutions;
  • sanatorium and resort facilities;
  • social assistance institutions;
  • and rehabilitation institutions.


The most successful physical therapist has the following professional skills and carries out the following treatment:

  • Application of therapeutic physical education and kinesitherapy methods;
  • Application of physiotherapy methods, including reflex massage, soft methods, and balneological procedures;
  • Evaluation of the therapeutic effect on patients;
  • Conducting instrumental studies to evaluate the functional characteristics of the musculoskeletal system and assess the body's response to physiotherapy;
  • Surveys necessary for further medical rehabilitation: muscle test, goniometric examination, basic postural examination and basic survey of stereotypes of motion, the examination of individual shortened and weakened muscles, the kinesiological examination of individual joints or segments of the body;
  • Making suggestions regarding ergonomic changes in the place of residence and place of work of the person to be treated;
  • Preparation of a short-term and long-term rehabilitation plan with knowledge of the pathophysiology of the disease, defect, or disorder;
  • Collaboration with a physician, orthopedic therapist, and orthopedic technician in the development of compensation assistance;
  • Determining the optimal option and combination of procedures for diagnosis, doctor's recommendations based on their own research and patient needs;
  • Maintaining relevant documentation.

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Resume Example for Physical Therapist

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