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How to make a resume for a dentist

A dentist can work in public institutions that provide their dental services to citizens. You can become a dentist after graduating from a medical academy. It lasts 5 years and after completing your education, you will receive a diploma that allows you to work as a dentist; in addition, you must undergo a one-year work placement, which is a pass to obtain a document confirming your right to treat patients. When writing a resume in 2021 for a dentist job at a private medical center or state clinic, you need to describe your key knowledge in the field of dentistry, describe your education, the key medical knowledge that you received during your studies, the work experience, if any. Be sure to describe your own professional skills in your resume. Earnings of a dentist depending on the place of work. In-state health care institutions, the salary is not significantly different from other employees. In private health care facilities, everything depends on the rates that the dentist has set and the number of clients per month.

Features of the dentist's profession

Who is a dentist? It is a specialist who diagnoses, heals and carries out the prevention of diseases or damages of teeth and all organs of the oral cavity. The bulk of the work is in the same position: sitting or standing. A doctor may ask a nurse for additional help.

Job description

Pros and cons of the profession of dentist

To work as a dentist is quite profitable:

  • the demand for the profession in the modern labor market;
  • highly paid job;
  • receiving medical education;
  • normalized working day.

However, as in any other profession, there are negative sides to it:

  • stressful situations;
  • great responsibility;
  • the high cost of training;
  • tired of the monotony of work.

You should also consider the following factor - it is difficult to get used to the specifics of the work of highly vulnerable people.

Powers of the dentist

A dentist - therapist has much more authority than, an ordinary dentist. Well, the surgeon- dentist has even more authority: the right to conduct anesthesia, to remove teeth, and even perform operations on the gums and jawbones.

Professional skills and abilities of the dentist

This type of activity is multidisciplinary and affects a wide range of activities. This is the direct treatment of the patient, and the prevention of diseases, and conducting various types of operations and seals, and much more. For this reason, it is now accepted to divide dentistry into several main currents. Thus, dentists are divided according to their task and represent several specialties:

  • The therapist. As a rule, it is with him that we should meet at the reception. His task includes a preliminary review of the patient and the subsequent process of treating the teeth. It is the therapist, as a rule, caries, inflammation in the oral cavity. In fact, his task is to correctly diagnose and then redirect the patient to a colleague of a narrower profile;
  • An orthopedist. He will deal mainly with the elimination of distortions in bite and installation of prosthetics (removable, combined, non-removable). An orthopedist can be called a professional in this area. This doctor has the skill of prosthetics at the highest level;
  • Surgeon Such a doctor is needed if surgical intervention is required - implantation or removal of teeth. Also, these specialists prepare the oral cavity for the upcoming procedure for the insertion of prosthetics. Within their competence, in addition to this, there is jaw plastic, jaw restoration;
  • The jaw-facial surgeon. These dentists are engaged in surgical operations of various levels, but they are usually more complex than those conducted by their colleagues. Such operations require general anesthesia and may require the surgeon of a whole bag of special skills and knowledge.
  • Children's specialist. The fact is that milk teeth have certain characteristics, which also requires the skills of a separate species to work with them. Children's dentist must, among other things, have the skills and knowledge of a psychologist;
  • Orthodontics. They deal mainly with exceptional cases, anomalies in the development of the jaw, deviations from the norm, which appeared due to entirely natural causes.


Requirements for the profession of dentist

The candidates have the following requirements:

  • need higher education;
  • need a medical certificate and a valid medical certificate;
  • need work experience;
  • you need to know your computer and various office programs perfectly.

You also need knowledge of the basics of psychology that will be useful when communicating with patients.

Duties of the dentist:

  • receive and treat patients;
  • conduct preventive reviews;
  • keep medical records.

But for each specialization, dentists have their own specialized responsibilities.

Responsibility of the dentist

The doctor is responsible for medical stomatological equipment, its suitability, and efficiency.

The dentist should clearly explain to patients the treatment scheme before starting treatment and clarify all details after consulting the patient. And if necessary, you can conclude an agreement in which to prescribe all the details of the treatment he has appointed.

The dentist must know well:

  • anatomy of people;
  • structure of the entire oral cavity;
  • materials that he uses;
  • medicines;
  • medical instruments;
  • diagnostic and treatment methods.

Also, the dentist must perfectly understand the psychology of man, because it will be necessary to find an approach to the patient, reassure him and adjust to the process of treatment.

A good dentist has the following personal qualities:

  • responsibility;
  • neatness;
  • the tendency to work with hands;
  • fairly good fine motor skills;
  • sociability;
  • carefulness.
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Resume Example for Dentist

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