Resume Example for Spa Manager

How to Make a Resume for a Spa Manager

SPA attracts with its atmosphere: a serene, guaranteeing peace of mind, quality service, and special attention to each person. Despite of sometimes volatile economic situation, the SPA sector is on the rise, especially in hotel SPAs. Any SPA, both independent and belonging to the hotel or other networks, has all the functional and technical features of a commercial organization. It is a rather complicated business from the perspective of the owner and the opposite from the perspective of clients. The SPA manager is actually the one to ensure clients are drowning in comfort and relaxation, during all the business processes are in order.

Job description

The profession of a spa manager is exciting and diverse, requiring continuous development and growth and a wide range of responsibilities.

We have a few tips for those who are attracted to the work of the SPA manager:

  • do not neglect to learn and practice the acquired knowledge;
  • do not aim at very large projects from the very beginning (the post of assistant spa manager will gradually take on the heavy burden of responsibility);
  • constantly monitor new trends and learn;
  • visit different spas;
  • share experiences;
  • pay special attention to personnel management; you should not overestimate yourself or underestimate yourself here.

SPA manager covers the following in business: Directionn associated with the "production": in this case, the implementation of massages, procedures, etc.

  • direction aimed at sales: promotion via the Internet, professional and social networks, commercial representatives, as well as sales promotion, package offers of procedures and products, etc
  • client-related referral: satisfaction monitoring, surveys, examination of customer feedback and complaints.


Good computer software for enterprise management, adapted for the spa, provides convenient activity indicators, advanced work planning tools, customer monitoring capabilities, profitability indicators, and reports that allow you to track activity. But it cannot replace our own vision, analysis, forecast, and prioritization, which are the responsibilities of the SPA manager. So, here are some skills that you need to have to become successful in this job:

  • Analytical skills
  • Financials skills
  • Experience with CRM systems
  • Good time-management

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Resume Example for Spa Manager

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