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In this article on ResumeGets, we’re going to make an accounting assistant CV template that can be used for an accounting job application with ready examples.

Now without further ado let's start making the resume.

First off let’s go to the headline which should include your profile on the top of the page and let's enter your name and surname. Under the name enter some personal information:

It’s important to include a physical address to inform the reader if you live close by and in some cases if they need to fly you in or not, as follows.


       Name and Surname

       Los Angeles, CA|[email protected] | +[000] – 000

       | LinkedIn.com/namesurname

Now let’s cover the structure of the resume which consists of the following main sections:

  • Education
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • And interests


Right now we can start adding the educational background like the university name, the degree, the city, the state, and time spent in college. After that, we need to add some subcategories and list information on relevant course work like relevant coursework, extracurricular activities, dean's list, honors, or GPA.



  University name | Bachelor of finance Los Angeles, CA| 01/2020 – present

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.50/4.00
  • President of Student Council

   High School Name San Diego CA 01/2015 – 03/2019

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.95/4.00

    Additional Courses

  • Relevant Course work compiling and presenting reports, budgets, and financial statements


That brings us to the skills section. Now before you include keywords research shows that applicants only included 51 of the relevant keywords in their resumes.

Now in order to know what kind of keywords you should be looking at, we would advise you that you copy the job description, go to the free word cloud generator, paste it right in there and click on generate cloud. Now match these keywords with your qualifications and categorize them.



Software tools
  • Excel, QuickBooks, Kashoo, Xero FreshBooks, sage One

Technical skills:

  • Expert
Accounting principles
  • Attention to detail;
  • analytical and problem

Accounting proficiency:

  • Expert
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish

Language proficiency:

  • Strong

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Now that brings us to the experience section also referred to as the working or professional experience section. Let's say you have some experience as an accounting assistant at an entry-level job. You need to insert the corporate’s name and the job title as in the sample below.



Company’s Name | Accounting Assistant Los Angeles, CA| 01/2020 – 08/2020

  • Checked financial development and reports and supported all areas of management responsibility within a 3-person finance team.
  • Analyzed, examined, and interpreted account records and compiled financial information.
  • Managed a $250,000 budget, with a tax reduction and minimized the expenses totaling 10% in one year.
  • Managed the staff payrolls of the company.


In the example above:

  • We structured the data into sentences so that it reveals the problem, action, and results of experiences, that way you bring impact and purpose to your resume.
  • The same goes for using action verbs at the beginning of each sentence like checked, analyzed, and managed.
  • Also, we quantified the experiences. Measurable metrics illustrate someone's value and improve your chances of getting that interview. Research shows that 36% out of around 125,000 resumes had zero instances of metrics.


Let’s move on to the interest section. Now although this section is not a requirement we would advise you to include it in your resume because it takes just a couple of words to show the human side behind the resume. Now that doesn't mean you should add some fluffy buzzwords and clichés like 51% of the resumes include but try to grab the reader's attention. See the sample below.



Traveling Football Watching
  • Visit a new country each  year
  •  This year (2021) Brazil
  • AFC Ajax 
  • Frenkie  de Jong
  • Netflix
  •  A great fan of Marty Byrde in the series of Ozark

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Accounting Assistant Resume Sample - Download for Free

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