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How to Write IT Manager Resume 

An information systems manager is involved in setting tasks, developing technical tasks, and designing and developing IT systems. There is no way technological business can survive without IT managers. One of the main tasks of an IT manager is to select IT tools and justify their economic feasibility from use, i.e., essentially develop a business plan for implementation. A specialist must understand the business of the enterprise, its strategy, and innovation, determine how information resources can affect the efficiency of the company, and therefore have a good economic education. An IT manager is responsible to the management for the competent and reasonable distribution of target funds, taking into account the need to improve the automation of all company business processes.

IT Manager: Job Description 

An IT manager must fulfill the role of a link between the IT business support systems developers and the business community. In addition, in commercial IT companies, the IT manager will also benefit from a commercial streak, the ability to attract and retain customers, effective communication skills, customer focus, organizational skills, and analytical and creative skills are needed. Thus, a good IT manager is an expert with good economic, managerial, and IT training. IT manager with a developed entrepreneurial spirit, familiar with business processes. He controls people through efficiency and motivation. The IT manager organizes and manages the daily work of the whole team, which consists of developers, designers, advertisers, and public relations specialists. An IT manager knows what a programmer, administrator, or technician can do and what doesn't, what result from the use of a certain technology will lead to, what software the company needs, what software solutions to use for more effective business activities, how to apply e-business companies, which should form a team and how much funding is required to perform a particular job.

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A good IT manager loves to win and radiates elegance, dignity, and a developed leadership tendency. It is characterized by knowledge, desire to learn, independence, flexibility of thinking, and high motivation. It strongly entails problem-solving; it harmonizes the work of its department or company with the requirements of the market and the rapid development of information technology.

The 21st century has become the century of information technology and new technological achievements. Companies that do not implement them in their activities and do not have people who know and use them will not be able to compete in the global market. The IT manager must keep abreast of the market, respond quickly to every bit of it, and properly implement advances in information and communication technology in the company on a daily basis.

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Resume Example for IT manager

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