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How to Write a Blog Writer Resume

Initially, blogging was perceived as a kind of hobby. On the pages of online diaries, World Wide Web users shared their thoughts and feedback on a particular topic and immediately received feedback from other users in the form of comments. Over time, blogging gained a commercial component and became a full-fledged professional activity. Today in 2023, professional bloggers are opinion leaders and one of the most effective methods of advertising and promoting goods.

Job description

It is necessary to work really hard for a blogger to make money on his hobby in 2023. Only an interesting blog that touches on hot topics and original ideas can bring profit. Being a blogger means creating only unique content enriched with your own experience. This feature of blogging differentiates the profession from the SMM-specialist, which runs social networks and does not hesitate to fill them with borrowed photos, videos, and articles.


Required professional skills and knowledge

  • deep theoretical knowledge of psychology, sociology, political science, and history;
  • experience in journalism (the presence of published articles);
  • ability to work with words, write articles, texts of speeches;
  • speech literacy, and knowledge of the English language at a high level.

Personal qualities

  • ability to clearly express their own and other people's thoughts;
  • a responsibility;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • propensity to the humanities.
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