Resume Example for Truck Driver

How to make a resume for a truck driver

When writing a resume for a truck driver 2021, it is necessary to describe the existing licenses for the management of the truck, the ability to plan work, experience on the truck, perfect knowledge of traffic rules, the possibility of orientation on the roads. A candidate for a truck driver must be characterized by an impeccable state of health, both physical and mental because this profession requires them. The basis of this profession is a good knowledge of the rules of the road and the current legislation in the country in which the driver is working, taking care of himself and others, and a crazy driving passion. Desired character traits: concentration of attention, love of trucks, professional driving skills, perfect reflexes, self-control and resistance to stress. Characteristics of the profession. The task of the truck driver is the safe transportation of goods at a certain time from point A to point B. Time is of particular importance when transporting food or other valuable goods, so it is extremely important to deliver the goods on time. You can add a description of the specialized technical skills that are not relevant to the truck driver's specialty, but are quite important in the professional plan, so you can highlight this information in your resume, because in this profession you need to have a lot of professional skills that are needed for quality and timely transportation from point A to point B.

Job description

A truck driver is a profession that requires not only specific work permits but also certain skills. The nature of the driver's operation is determined by the type of vehicle on which it travels and the type of route. Salary. In some cases, it depends on the mileage that the driver drives in a month, there is a price per kilometer and the number of kilometers traveled on the routes is deducted monthly salary, in some cases, the amount of salary is a fixed number that is guaranteed to be received by the driver during the working month . In the case of international routes, the truck driver often runs outside the building not only for several days but even for several weeks. It is important to take care of the proper equipment of your vehicle, for example, the presence of a refrigerator truck, a TV, etc. in the cabin, since the cabin is the second driver's home, it works, eats and sleeps in it. An important element of this profession is a good orientation on the terrain and the ability to use automotive navigation or maps.

The driver must exhibit high concentrations, especially when driving in difficult weather conditions. Required permissions. First of all, the driver must have a category C license, which gives the right to drive vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons or C1 for vehicles from 3, 5 to 7, 5 tons. The next step is to obtain a certificate of professional qualification, which gives the right to occupy professional transportation of goods. Persons under the age of 21 must complete 280 hours (including 260 hours of theoretical classes), for others an accelerated version of the license, which includes 140 hours of classes. After completing the course you must pass the test. To obtain a qualification certificate, it is necessary to provide a medical certificate about the absence of physical and psychological contraindications to the management of vehicles.


Upgrading skills and required professional skills for a truck driver. Once you have obtained the rights of a truck driver, you can increase your professional qualifications and obtain additional rights that will enable you to find more paid work. There are additional courses, in particular, the ADR course - gives you the right to transport hazardous materials such as fuel, gases, gasoline, this certificate is accepted in all countries. In the case of transportation of food products, a driver's health certificate is required, stating that there is no contraindication for the transportation of food. Responsibility. The driver is responsible for the cargo transported, must ensure that the load is correctly secured in the wagon (for example, fastening the load with the help of belts), evenly distributing the weight. He is also responsible for maintaining the car in good technical condition. There is a functional opportunity to make the necessary repairs on the road or to replace the tires. This post is associated with temporary stress and tiredness from a permanent road, since it is impossible to predict traffic congestion, such as several kilometers of traffic jams, or control of the road traffic inspection, which usually lasts for quite some time. Threats This profession brings with it various risks, besides the risk of road accidents, the driver suffers a bodily injury while performing various measures related to servicing the car, for example, during its repair. Prolonged sitting in a forced position, the transfer of heavy loads, all this can cause back pain, hands, and joints. The truck driver's profession is a complex and demanding profession, which, at the same time, brings a lot of pleasure and a fair financial reward. It provides you with the opportunity to travel, enhance your qualifications, promote and gain experience with every kilometer you have traveled.

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Resume Example for Truck Driver

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