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How to Make a Resume for a Bus Driver

When working with some professional writers to get a resume for the bus driver's position this year, it is necessary for your resume and CV to describe next:

  • the existing licenses for bus driving;
  • driving skills;
  • the ability to plan work;
  • work experience with the bus;
  • perfect knowledge of traffic rules;
  • the possibility of orientation on the roads.

The candidate for a bus driver must be characterized by an impeccable state of health, both physical and mental,l because this profession requires them.

The basis of this profession is good knowledge of traffic rules and current legislation in the country in which the driver is working, taking care of himself and other passengers, and a crazy driving passion.

Desirable traits of characters 

  • the concentration of attention;
  • love of buses;
  • love of travel;
  • professional driving skills;
  • perfect reflexes;
  • self-control;
  • resistance to stress.

Characteristics of the profession

The bus driver's task is to safely transport passengers at a certain time from point A to point B. Time is of particular importance during transportation, so it is extremely important that passengers arrive at their destination on time.

Job description

The bus driver's task is transporting people from one place to another (from point A to point B). The distance traveled by the driver is very long. The issue of income and the specifics of work in this position is a separate section, which is interesting for many people who love to travel and sit at the wheel of a car, in this case, a bus. The driver of the bus - the features of the profession. The driver's job is extremely difficult. It requires a constant concentration of employee, always be careful, requires the driver to have the highest level of professional driving skills that come with experience, as well; this profession requires constant responsibility, being resistant to stress,s and, above all, willingness to work for a long number of hours driving without rest.

The driver sitting at the wheel of a multi-ton car is responsible for the health and life of people traveling by bus.

It is also important that he has to transport them from one place to another at a specified, specified time. Travels are usually carried out on international routes, which means that the driver must be well aware of the rules of the road operating in other countries. For these reasons, this work is not suitable for all people, and far from everyone will be able to work under such difficult conditions.

Drivers can easily find jobs in the foreign labor market in public and private companies that deal with the carriage of passengers from one point to another.

Who can become a bus driver?

A bus driver can be any person who holds a Category B driver's license and has a minimum age of 24 years. These are the basic conditions for starting a category D course, which includes, among other things, a driving license.

Build Your Resume Profile

However, before you start a driver's license, you must have a candidate profile for the driver of the bus. To do this, you must submit the relevant documents to the company involved in transportation according to your place of residence.

Required documents

  1. Your photo (not older than 6 months);
  2. Medical certificate;
  3. Psychological certificate.

Positive completion of the course and the completion of the final exam does not give the right to engage in commercial transportation of people.

This requires an accelerated-category qualification. The last step towards acquiring the right to work in this profession is to apply for a driver's card on the website of the State Transport Service.

How much does a Bus Driver earn?

Salary in this profession depends, first of all, on the driver's experience and on what routes he will ride. In the case of bus drivers for long distances, they tend to earn more than drivers who are engaged in the carriage of passengers exclusively in the city. This is due to long journey,s even for a few days or weeks, depending on the trip plan. A bus driver for long distances can count on rather high earnings. An important issue is that accommodation and meals are paid in advance by the employer. This means that when you leave your home, for example, within two weeks, the driver should not worry about any expenses on the road. During this period, its main task is to provide safe and high-quality transportation for people and to ensure their proper level of comfort while traveling.


This profession - the bus driver is undoubtedly very difficult, and not everyone can handle the profession of the driver. This profession requires:

  • resistance to stress;
  • the ability to work under pressure of time;
  • and well-developed driving skills.

The disadvantages of this profession are, of course, that trips often last for several days or even weeks, so the driver rarely appears at home. However, many people are attracted by high incomes in this profession and the opportunity to travel around the world.

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