Resume Example for Delivery Driver

In this article, we're going to walk through the resume sections and show you how you can draft a great resume for a delivery driver.

1. Let's begin with the contact information

Clearly state your name and contact details.

2. Summary

Provide a short professional personal profile. As a delivery driver, you should mention how many years of experience you have and an outstanding achievement that you are proud of. You can also include career goals related to the job; try to make it 3-4 sentences long.

3. Employment History

This is the section where the information should validate and explain further the depth of your experience, knowledge, and skillset.

List a description of your relevant work experience, starting from the most recent. Be sure to list the company you worked for, the location, the title of the position, and the dates of working in the position. You then want to give a summary of the tasks you performed in the role. Be specific whenever you can. This will provide a good background for your skillset.

4. Education

Following work experience, you should detail your education. Make sure to list anything that supports the requirements listed in the job ad.

5. Skills

Next, you need to summarize your skills to complement the criteria of the job and reflect your delivery driver experience.

6. Hobbies and interest

Finally, add a small section on hobbies to let the reader know a little bit more about you and show your side.

Name and Surname
[email protected] 
Chicago- Illinois, US


A dedicated and responsible UPS driver with 4+ years of experience in a fast-paced route with heavy traffic. Flexible and hard-working with a strong drive to succeed. Achieved company-best customer satisfaction rating according to internal review (98.76%). Seeking to advance my courier career by growing with the Independent Cargo Van team.

Employment history

Delivery driver                                                                                                    2015-2017

ABC Catering Company – Chicago, Illinois

  • Operate delivery vehicles in a safe and efficient manner
  • Select optimal routes in compliance with delivery instructions and fuel policy.
  • Worked to tight deadlines
  • Averaged 120 orders per day
  • Check the delivery van's fluid levels and tire pressure and schedule any required repairs.

Delivery driver                                                                                                2015 - 2013 

Pizza Queen – Chicago, Illinois

  • Accurately and efficiently transported and delivered multiple customer orders in each run.
  • Handled customer payments and calculated tips on request.
  • Maintained a neat, safe, and organized work environment.


  • University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois | 2007-2012

BA in supply chain management

Certifications and awards

  • Class B CDL (commercial driver's license), 2018
  • DoT (Dep. Of Transportation) Medical Examination, 2018


  • Customer Service
  • Route Charting
  • Truck maintenance
  • Commercial truck operation
  • Maps and GPS Orienteering
  • Communication skills

Hobbies and interests

Football - captain of the local league for over 4 years

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Resume Example for Delivery Driver

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