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How to make a resume for a delivery driver

When writing a resume to the post of delivery driver 2021 it is necessary to describe the skills of transport management, the ability to plan work, experience in the delivery of goods, perfect knowledge of traffic rules, wide possibilities of orientation on the roads. A candidate for the position of the delivery driver must be characterized by an impeccable state of health, both physical and mental because this profession requires them. The basis of this profession is a good knowledge of the rules of the road and the current legislation, care for the safety of yourself and others and a crazy passion for driving, timely delivering orders to customers. Desired character traits: concentration of attention, love to deliver orders to customers, professional driving skills, perfect reflexes, self-control and stress resistance. Task delivery driver - timely delivery of orders. It is extremely important to deliver goods on time. You can add a description of the specialized technical skills that are not relevant to the delivery driver but are quite important in the professional plan, so you can highlight this information in your resume because in this profession you need to have a lot of professional driving skills.

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Who is the delivery driver? A rather interesting and not a standard question. It is an employee who manages a vehicle on a particular route to deliver and sell products to customers and performs various other activities related to his main occupation. What are the risks associated with the implementation of this profession? As with other professional drivers, there is a high risk of traffic accidents as a delivery driver, which can be caused by fatigue due to long-distance driving, in particular under poor lighting conditions, bad weather and poor road conditions. Drivers are subjected to prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable position, car fluctuations and lifting heavy loads that can cause back pain, hands, joints, and drivers are bodily injury when performing various corrective actions.

Various factors of the working environment are related to the profession, and there are possible negative consequences for the driver's health. Key factors that can lead to a driver's health: a defective vehicle due to a mechanical defect, difficult road conditions or excessive speed, collision with another vehicle - the possibility of serious injury; entrance and exit from the driver's cabin - the possibility of receiving mechanical injuries through slipping, stumbling and falling; performance of various additional functions by the driver, such as field repair, replacement of wheels, adjustment of load fastening (belts, ropes) - the possibility of mechanical injuries; exhaust gases, they contain carbon monoxide - the possibility of acute chemical poisoning; protruding, sharp parts of the load - the possibility of injuries as a result of accidental exposure to them by hands or other parts of the body of the driver; long-term driving, including night driving, in adverse weather conditions, traffic jams, listening to loud music, talking on a cell phone, talking with a passenger or a driver while driving - all these things increase the likelihood of mechanical injuries through a road accident; excessively inflated tires or excessive wear and tear - the possibility of mechanical injury due to tire breakage.

Physical factors: prolonged excessive noise caused by an automobile engine - the possibility of hearing damage; solar radiation (ultraviolet light) - the possibility of changes in the skin and eye diseases; constant variable weather conditions - the possibility (depending on the season) of sunstroke, frostbite, acute and chronic respiratory diseases; Oscillations caused by a vehicle - the possibility of disturbances in the functioning of the internal organs of the chest and abdomen, as well as disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Chemical factors: various chemicals, antifreeze, brake fluids, diesel, oils, gasoline and hazardous chemical materials that are transported - the possibility of irritation, dermatitis, allergies; exhaust gases containing carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, aldehydes - possible chemical poisoning. Biological factors: high concentrations of chemical harmful substances in the air - a high probability of occurrence of various allergic reactions, including respiratory problems. Psychosocial and organizational factors: long-term driving in one position of the body - the possibility of pain that is caused by overload of the locomotor apparatus, especially in the lumbar-sacral region of the spine, legs and hands, development of posterior neuralgia is possible; the habit of leaning on the window frame during driving - the possibility of degenerative changes or inflammation of the shoulder joint on the left side of the body.

Other negative moments of work include irregular nutrition - the possibility of disturbances in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and smoking inside the cabin leads to the possibility of a variety of health disorders. Insufficient illumination (especially when driving at dusk on intercity roads) - the possibility of discomfort, visual fatigue and disturbance of visual acuity, prolonged driving leads to the possibility of various mental disorders and hallucinations due to excessive drowsiness, conflicts with dissatisfied clients, settlement violations, etc. - the possibility of mental illness stress


The main skills to work (delivery driver) in this area include stress tolerance, regular absence at home, constant work at the wheel, perfect knowledge of traffic rules, road signs, communication with customers, and more. To avoid health problems, the likelihood of which increases during a constant driving time, one must adhere to simple rules, in particular:

  • Avoid inhalation of exhaust gases while standing near a vehicle. Turn off the engine when the car is parked. Install an exhaust gas emission control device (for example, a catalytic converter);
  • An ergonomic driver seat must be installed. You must periodically interrupt the trip for rest and exercise; You have to learn how to do relaxation exercises during a long ride;
  • Use sunglasses of good quality with an ultraviolet filter when driving in sunlight;
  • Avoid smoking while driving and regularly air the cabin;
  • It is necessary to conduct periodic medical examinations;
  • Gloves must be used to protect the driver from the harmful effects of harmful chemicals.
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Resume Example for Delivery Driver

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