Resume Example for Structural Engineer

How to make a resume for a structural engineer

When writing a resume one should describe not only the key points of knowledge (overseeing the production, planning, ability to manage workers) that are present in almost every CV of a structural engineer, you must specify additional items to positively stand out against the background of others. You can add a description of specialized technical skills. Check back for job announcements. Read the Duties section. Replace each commitment listed with a keyword and use a maximum of 3 words to describe it. Be sure to describe your professional's skills in a resumes, such as determining the value of work, contract work, maintenance and coordination of project documentation, measurement, calculation and writing of reports, monitoring and negotiation. Other skills include the following points:

  • Organization and production planning
  • The effective functioning of production equipment;
  • Knowledge of technological lines;
  • Management of productive resources;
  • Knowledge of production and supply cycle;
  • Statistical methods;
  • Knowledge of health and safety rules;
  • Knowledge of production monitoring systems;

Job description

What does this specialist do? His main tasks include the qualitative design of a variety of equipment and various technological tools. Every day, this specialist is engaged in the development of technological schemes, calculations, and drawings of nodal elements and parts of mechanisms, prepares technical tasks for production, carries out personal supervision of manufacturing and testing. In small companies , his responsibilities include coordinating projects with different organizations that control and even search for customers.

The work of an engineer does not end at the stage of designing and calculations. "Weaknesses" of the design appear on the tests. With the help of special diagnostic equipment, it is possible to test the flight characteristics of the aircraft, the suitability of the jeep, the tightness of the submarine. He communicates with technicians, finds out how easy the technique is to use, if necessary, refines the design.

What personal qualities should this specialist have? First of all, there are:

  • High concentration and stability of attention;
  • Logical thinking;
  • The technical makeup of the mind;
  • Analytical thinking.

It begins with studying in a specialized university. The profession requires fundamental technical knowledge. Employment problems usually do not arise. This profession for young professionals guarantees interesting work on a variety of projects.


This profession is not only interesting and exciting, but also quite complicated.? To cope with all your responsibilities, you need to have all the spectrum of theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, and most importantly - to be able to combine them harmoniously in the process of work.

Also, you must always remember - a successful engineer cannot afford to allow a mistake in the work, especially if he aims at successful career, which is only available for to highly skilled professionals who are constantly improving their skills at work.

If you have already decided that this profession is your future life, you should choose a higher education institution that is involved in training of specialists in this field, to enter into it and successfully study, to receive all the useful and important skills that are needed to master this specialty.

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Resume Example for Structural Engineer

Resume Example for Structural Engineer

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