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There are different features that one might find in a hotel depending on the category of the hotel. Relevant employee units appear in the structure of its management depending on the facilities available in it, for example, business center, fitness center, medical (sometimes even a mini-clinic). Some resort hotel has a position of "director of rest”, which is rare, but all of the hotels have a front desk employee.

The peculiarity of the management scheme is adopted in English hotels. Front office reports to the director of the economic department, and the separate units are headed by senior employees, for example, a senior telephonist, a senior porter, a senior cashier, a senior information service, senior booking service, etc.

Small hotels, of course, have a much simpler management structure. However, the list of main units is maintained with their inherent functions. The simplest scheme of management in standard motels is the following: in a motel for 100 rooms there are four clerks of reception and finance services, the head of the economic department, to which eight maids, nine pages (bellman) are subordinate, directly perform the work of parking clients' cars , and one repairman (covering electrical and plumbing work).

Job description

The hotel front desk employee is the first person the guest meets at the hotel. He is responsible for the creation of first impressions about the establishment he or she is working for. The duties of the hotel administrator are quite voluminous and diverse: this is a kind of “universal soldier”, ready for almost any situation. The reception desk is divided into three sections:

  • the registration section;
  • section of cash transactions;
  • the information and mail section.

Previously, a separate cashier position existed, so a front desk employee does not deal with payments of the clients. Now, the duties depend on a hotel. It should be noted that in many hotels positions and duties are closely intertwined and even interchanged. The hotel front desk employee may replace travel clerk, which is not only responsible for the excursions offered by the hotel, but also books theater tickets and organizes the transfer.


Regarding professional skills, for the administrator it is necessary to have good computer skills (work with basic programs Word, Excel) and communicative skills. All the other skills can be obtained with the help of trainings, as often the hotels staff come either without the baggage of knowledge, or with knowledge that should be adjusted. Knowledge of accounting for the employee is not so important, nevertheless it will definitely be an advantage.

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Resume Example for Hotel Front Desk Employee

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