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Can you easily communicate with people of any type? Then you can try to work as a hostess. This is the first person that customers meet at the entrance to a restaurant, hotel, or club. It depends on the hostess and what mood the client will come and go with. This work is mainly for easy-going people who can find a common language with any person.

Job description

The work of a hostess in a restaurant or cafe often includes meeting and greeting visitors, accompanying guests to the table, serving the menu, and ensuring the customers have their tables clean and tidy. The hostess introduces dishes and drinks that are served in the restaurant to the guests to the dishes. In addition, the hostess must resolve all conflicts arising between the client and the establishment, if any. If the hostess copes with this task well, a worker has the opportunity to grow up as the administrator of the establishment. In catering establishments, a hostess greets visitors, leads them to a table, offers a menu, and oversees order in the hall. In expensive restaurants, duties also include monitoring the work of the waiters. The next step in the career ladder is a promotion to the administrator job of the institution you are working for.


Due to the rapid development of the restaurant business, and the widespread opening of new cafes, and restaurants, the hostess profession is popular and in demand. Rather tough competition in the industry also contributes to the demand for these specialists. Neat appearance, the ability to communicate with people, and personal charm of a person are the basic characteristic that will attract employers now and customers later when you are hired. At the same time, experience and knowledge in the restaurant industry will be a significant advantage. A hostess is the first person you see when crossing the threshold of a company. Any self-respecting company now acquires pleasant, sociable, and literate people who can:

  • welcome you at the entrance;
  • help settle in the new environment;
  • competently tell about the company;
  • communicate in different foreign languages;
  • create the most pleasant impression on visitors.

Resume Example for Hostess

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