Resume Example for Account Executive

How to make a resume for an account executive

The account manager profession is extremely popular in the modern labor market. When writing a resume for the account manager, it is necessary to describe not only the key knowledge of the industry in this area but also need to specify additional points, such as the work of an account executive. You can add a description of specialized skills that are not related to the specialty but are very important in the professional plan.

Job description

The account executive is a specialist who runs the various office affairs of the company in which he works.

Any institution, organization, and enterprise reflect its activities in numerous business documents:


  • orders;
  • orders;
  • plans;
  • schedules;
  • reports;
  • certificates;
  • notes etc.

The activities that cover the documentation and organization of work with documents, the entire spectrum of these works are engaged by people who hold the position of account manager and work in various services, institutions, enterprises, companies, and organizations.

The work of the account executive is a necessary element in the complex management mechanism of any institution, and here it is assisted by the perfect knowledge of its institution, the functions of its structural units, and the issues that are staffed.

Account executive works in public administration, in various organizations, and in the management of enterprises. The range of responsibilities performed by account executives in different institutions, organizations, and enterprises is the same.


Key responsibilities of account executive:

  • receipt and registration of correspondence and sending it to structural subdivisions;
  • keeping records of documents, registration of registration cards, and creating a data bank;
  • control over the execution and issue of certificates on registered documents;
  • sending completed documentation to addressees;
  • systematization and storage of documents of the current archive, preparation, and submission to the archive of the enterprise (organization) of the documentation materials;
  • ensuring the maintenance of official records.

The work of the account manager is clearly defined and carried out by the following:

  • job responsibilities;
  • legislative and regulatory legal acts;
  • orders, orders, decrees, and other guiding documents;
  • the main provisions of the company's system;
  • rules of the internal regulations of the enterprise and norms of labor protection.

Psychological stress in the work of account executives can be made by the following factors:

  • the need for long, hard work with documentary material;
  • the high content of paper dust in the air;
  • long sitting in one sitting position.

Professional skills and qualities

  • high efficiency;
  • ability to distribute and switch attention for a long time;
  • good long-term and operative memory;
  • personal organization;
  • sustainability;
  • diligence and commitment;
  • precision.

Medical contraindications for account executives

The work of an account executive is contraindicated for people with illnesses:

  • musculoskeletal system;
  • upper respiratory tract;
  • allergic diseases.

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Resume Example for Account Executive

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