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How to Make a Resume for a Teacher Assistant

When writing a resume for the position of teacher assistant in 2024, it is important to indicate professional knowledge in the teaching industry, to indicate pedagogical work experience, if any, and to describe additional points in order to positively stand out against the background of other candidates for the position of teacher at the school. You can add a description of specialized technical skills. In the summary of the teacher assistant position, you can add non-important skills that are not relevant to the teacher's specialty, but they are very important in the professional plan, so you can highlight this information in your resume because in this profession, it is necessary to teach children, understand them and correctly communicate to the school science materials.

Job description

Occupation teacher assistant.

It is the teacher assistant who deals with the social and pedagogical support of the student with special educational needs: together with the class teacher, he performs educational, educational, social-adaptation measures, introduces effective forms of their conduct, helps the student in fulfilling educational tasks, engages the student in various types of educational activities; as part of a group of specialists, takes part in the development and implementation of an individual child development program; adapts educational materials taking into account the individual peculiarities of educational and cognitive activity of a child with special educational needs.

The person holding the position of a teacher assistant is engaged in the following activities:

Organizational activity: ensures the correct organization of the educational process in the classroom. Provides assistance to schoolchildren in the organization of the workplace; monitors the student in order to study the individual characteristics, interests, and needs of each student. Provides maximum concentration of attention during training and facilitates the formation of self-control students. Cooperates with specialists who work directly with a child with special educational needs and participates in the development of an individual development program. It provides, together with other employees, healthy and safe conditions for education, upbringing, and labor. Conducts established pedagogical documentation.

Educational and developing activities: working with a class teacher, providing educational services aimed at meeting the educational needs of students; carrying out social-pedagogical support for children with special educational needs, cares about professional self-determination and social adaptation of students. Promotes the development of children with special educational needs, improving their psycho-emotional state. Stimulates the development of the social activity of children and promotes the identification and disclosure of their abilities, talents, and talents through their participation in scientific, technical, and artistic creativity. He creates educational and educational situations, an atmosphere of optimism and confidence in his strength and future.

Diagnostic activities: together with a company of experienced specialists who are engaged in the perfect development of an individual program for the development of each student who learns and acquires new knowledge, examine the peculiarities of the activity and development of children with special educational needs, assesses the student's educational achievements; evaluates the implementation of an individual development program, examines and analyzes the dynamics of each student's development.

Prognostic activity: the teacher analyzes the level of the actual and potential development of each student and after studying, participates in the development of an individual program of development and training so that there is no overload with difficult learning materials;

Advisory activity: constant communication with parents of schoolchildren regarding the provision of the last volume of important advisory assistance; This particular specialist is engaged in informing the teacher of the class and parents about the achievement of each student who is in the classroom.

It is the teacher assistant who must adhere to pedagogical ethics, respect the dignity of each student, and protect him from any form of physical or mental violence.


This specialist-teacher assistant must constantly increase his professional level, pedagogical skills, and general culture. Must know the following: the basis of the law on education and social protection; international documents on human rights and children; state standards of education; normative documents on questions of education and upbringing; modern achievements of science and practice in the field of pedagogy; psychological and pedagogical disciplines; peculiarities of development of children with special educational needs of all ages; effective methods, forms, and methods of working with children, applying an individual and differentiated approach; levels of adaptation of training and physical activity; methods of using modern technical equipment and equipment; the basis of work with the public and the family; ethical norms and rules of organization of education and upbringing of schoolchildren; norms and rules for conducting pedagogical documentation. I must be able to apply in practice the learned theoretical material, namely: to use professional knowledge in practical activity, to carry out pedagogical support of each student with educational needs in the conditions of constant presentation of educational material; together with other specialists, to formulate and implement an individual program for the development of schoolchildren; to observe and analyze the dynamics of each student's development; to establish interpersonal relations between all subjects of an educational activity (correct organization of educational process); it is the teacher assistant who is to engage in intermediary activities in the field of education and social assistance. What skills should a teacher assistant have? Quite an interesting question. First of all, the teacher assistant must have developed communicative and organizational skills, the ability to sympathize and empathize; have different value orientations aimed at the development of the student as an individual and the highest value of society, it should be aimed at creative pedagogical activities and must have skills in resolving conflict situations.

Resume Example for Teacher Assistant

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