Resume Example for Paralegal

How to Write Paralegal Resume

A paralegal is an entry-level job for Law students and graduates. It is impossible to receive a layer's license and start practices without experience in this position. It is impossible to dispense with it and skip it. Learn more about the job itself and compose a strong resume to make your career soar up in the air!

Job description

A job of a lawyer itself contains a wide range of activities: prosecutorial oversight, law practice, notarial aspects, and legal advice. However, the practice of a paralegal does not depend on them because he does not participate in serious matters. What are the duties of this employee, then? The assistant lawyer or paralegal prepares and arranges the documentation, visits on behalf of the head for various inspections, sorts and is responsible for incoming correspondence, and searches for the necessary legal norms for interpreting the required cases. These are the main tasks and responsibilities you should get ready to complete as a paralegal.

  • Using legal databases, archives, and other sources, paralegal searches for legal information on topics specified by a lawyer.
  • The paralegal analyzes the information found and prepares a list of the most relevant regulatory documents.
  • Every day paralegal acquaints themselves with regulatory legal acts through databases, analysis of specialized legal publications, and prepares a lawyer for an overview of the most important regulatory legal documents.
  • Develops draft legal documents (contracts, requests, claims, lawsuits, complaints) of a small volume and complexity and presents them to a lawyer for correction and approval.
  • On behalf of a lawyer, a paralegal travels to state and judicial bodies, as well as to local governments and outside organizations, to solve simple legal issues (handing over and receiving documents, receiving explanations, and performing other legal actions).
  • Records legal documentation.
  • The paralegal is responsible for correspondence sent by a lawyer and received by a lawyer.
  • Paralegal reports to a lawyer for the results of his work.


Not every person is suitable for working in the legal field. For any profession, you need a certain set of personal qualities. So, if you decide to become a legal assistant and subsequently a full-fledged lawyer, you must have the following traits:

  • Perseverance. Such a career is not easy, but to overcome all obstacles, you will need firmness and consistency in achieving the goal.
  • Resourcefulness. To solve difficult problems, find the right ways out of situations, and stay afloat for a long time, you need to be able to use different approaches.
  • Patience. This is especially true of those who have just started helping a lawyer in business. You can face complaints from the authorities. Therefore, patience is not enough here.
  • Sociability. This quality is necessary because you will need to contact a large number of people.
  • Stress resistance. Sometimes things require a huge return of all your resources, while it is important to prevent a nervous breakdown.

Resume Example for Paralegal

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