Resume Example for Operations Manager

How to Write Operations Manager Resume

Operational managers solve problems that pop up in production every day: they identify the biggest obstacles, set up processes for maximum time savings, and solve pressing problems of the team. They correlate costs and revenues to achieve the highest operating profit indicators. The operations manager controls the delivery of goods and/or the provision of services. They evaluate the current and proposed systems and procedures, recommend changes if necessary, and monitor the implementation of new processes in business and production. Operational managers direct the work of other employees and usually report to senior management or the head of the unit.

Job description

First of all, the manager needs to monitor the situation in and around the company. On the basis of his observations and statistics, he determines the goals and ways to achieve them. If this specialist manages the team, he distributes tasks between them, regularly monitors the quality and effectiveness of their work, creates conditions for work efficiency, and gives recommendations. Sales managers study their product in detail, determine how much it is in demand among consumers, and what needs to be done in order for the number of customers to constantly increase. In the absence of positive results, a representative of this profession should promptly change his strategy. The manager should also deal with paperwork: draw up contracts, and check the presence of all necessary documents with the staff.


The manager is an energetic, enterprising employee endowed with communicative abilities and leadership qualities. He needs to have competent speech, good memory, resistance to stress, and the ability to quickly make decisions and cope with a lot of analytical work. He must possess knowledge in the field of economics, psychology, sociology, and document management; may prove to be an indispensable knowledge of foreign languages.

Resume Example for Operations Manager

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