Resume Example for Juvenile Counselor

How to Write a Resume for Juvenile Counselor

Juvenile Counselor is a difficult and responsible job. Especially in 2021, when delinquency keeps growing. Dealing with kids, starting from their puberty might get really tough. At the same time, this work really pays back not only a counselor, but the whole community. This sort of occupation is an investment into healthy and wealthy community, as juveniles are the one to pick up this generational marathon. Hence, juvenile counseling is a job of a crucial importance.

As a juvenile counselor has to deal on a daily basis with teens' social constraints and teach them how to be a proud citizen of the country and productive member of a community. It might not always be easy, as teenages are going through a transition from a childhood to the adulthood. They are trying to disobey a system and make up their own rules. Juveniles are vulnerable and tend to get in troubles a lot, including delinquency. This is the part, where the job gets really tough, since a counselor has to figure out the reasons, which made a young person to act illegally, talk that thorough, connect with corresponding institution, maybe even correctional, and develop a plan of resocialization for the person.

In order to make your resume persuasive, you need to demonstrate your capability of coping with all the above mentioned. It means you need to know juvenile psychology, have good communication skills, be able to establish rapport, and be proficient in local legislation. Further below, you will find some ideas on a format and style of your resume for this position.

Job description

Juvenile counselor conducts preventive measures to explain the laws, promote a healthy lifestyle and law-abiding. Counselor attracts families, schools, public organizations for promotion these values among the teens. However, it not always work and deviant behavior of juveniles is also something you will have to cope as a juvenile counselor. Working with difficult teenagers, a counselor establishes contacts with their parents or legal representatives, other interested citizens. We also have to cooperate with district police officers, social workers, drug treatment specialists, investigators, and participate in the courts. A counselor is obliged to plan their work, taking into account the features of their site. He must identify dysfunctional families and observe them, monitor the behavior of adolescents who have already committed offenses, help families organize summer holidays for supervised persons, or their leisure time. So, partially you are a psychologist, but partially your job embraces event management.


These are skills you cannot ignore, if you want to get a job:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of a local legislation
  • Knowledge of juvenile psychology
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Resume Example for Juvenile Counselor

Resume Example for Juvenile Counselor

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