Resume Example for Golf Instructor

It is known that the success of the team or an athlete depends on the professionalism of the coach. Behind the victories of Olympic champions or regional teams are daily workouts and strict work schedules. The same logic is behind the golf players' success. There is someone who made them winners. Even though a lot of people consider golf to be rather a recreational activity than a sport.

Golf Instructor Job Description

There is more to becoming a golf instructor than merely understanding the layout of the course. It's about shaping the future golfers and assisting them in honing their swing. A golf instructor's job description includes a variety of duties that go beyond simply showing off your skills with the game.

What are the duties of a Golf Instructor?

  • Develop high-quality golfing instructions and offer courses to private employers.
  • Instruct on the game of golf at the highest level.
  • Coordinate classes at a golf shop, golf course, and other departments.
  • Hold classes for club members.
  • Conduct private lessons.
  • Conduct promotional seminars and classes.


You're the guide, the mentor, and the coach. Your responsibilities include providing golf lessons, analyzing and improving the swings of your students, and creating tailored training plans. It's about fostering a love for the game and helping individuals reach their full golfing potential.

Resume Plan

When it comes to crafting your golf instructor resume, it's not just about listing your accomplishments; it's about showcasing your journey on the greens. Let's break the creation of golf resume down step by step.

Compelling golf resume examples go beyond simply listing the achievements. Begin by highlighting your educational background and certifications, emphasizing any specialized training you've undertaken in golf instruction. This provides prospective employers with a solid foundation for your expertise.

Take on your coaching duties while keeping your teaching strategies front and center. Talk about how you adjust your methods to fit different learning styles and ability levels to show that you are flexible and dedicated to the success of your students. Don't be afraid to tell the success stories of students who have improved under your direction in order to demonstrate your value as a teacher.

It takes more than just listing your qualifications to create an assistant golf professional resume. It should chronicle your path, highlight your unique teaching style, and show your unwavering dedication to the game.

Format and Design

Keep it clean and straightforward—no need for fancy fonts or elaborate designs. A simple, easy-to-read format is key. Remember, your CV golf is your first swing, and you want it to be a hole-in-one. Use bullet points for easy navigation, and make sure your contact information is front and center.

Education and Additional Certifications

Your qualifications and educational background form the basis of your teaching experience as a golf instructor. Use these guidelines to ensure that your golf professional resume properly conveys your qualifications:

  1. Start with your degrees and certificates. Emphasize any credentials directly relevant to teaching golf, such as a degree in sports science, accreditation from the Professional Golfers' Association, or specific coaching training.
  2. Include information for each educational accomplishment and qualification, such as the name of the school or organization, the location, the degree or certification obtained, and the completion date.
  3. Make sure to highlight any specializations in golf instruction, such as club fitting, junior coaching, or biomechanics. These specifics add to your expertise and adaptability as a teacher.
  4. Mention any accomplishments you've made in your schooling or certificates, including honors you've received for your work, a high GPA, or remarkable test results.

Education and Additional Certifications Examples:

Bachelor of Science in Sports Science
Pine Valley University | Golf and Sports Studies Program | 2023
Golf Swing Mechanics, Sports Psychology, Coaching Methodology
Graduated with Honors (Cum Laude) - GPA: 3.7/4.0
PGA (Professional Golfers' Association) Certification, PGA of America | 2023
- Completed rigorous training and certification program, demonstrating expertise in golf instruction.
- Consistently ranked among the top 10% of certified instructors for student success and improvement.
Certified Junior Golf Coach, National Junior Golf Association (NJGA) | 2022
- Specialized in coaching young golfers, emphasizing fundamentals, and etiquette, and fostering a passion for the game.
- Successfully coached several junior players who achieved regional and state-level competition success.

Work Experience

This is your chance to shine. Describe your background as a golf instructor, including significant accomplishments and educational initiatives. Quantify your influence, regardless of whether you have coached novices or experienced players. What number of students have you mentored? Do any of your students have any competition victories? These are the specifics that set your collegiate golf resume for college apart.


Head Golf Instructor
Green Meadows Golf Academy | NY | January 2021 - Present
- Lead a team of golf instructors, overseeing lesson scheduling, curriculum development, and student progress tracking.
- Conduct private and group golf lessons for players of all skill levels, emphasizing proper fundamentals, course management, and mental conditioning.
- Introduced a specialized short game clinic, which increased student enrollment by 20% within the first year.
- Developed and implemented customized training plans for competitive junior golfers, resulting in multiple tournament victories and college scholarships for students.
- Collaborated with the club's pro shop to recommend equipment upgrades and fittings for students, enhancing their performance.
Assistant Golf Instructor
Fairway Greens Golf Club | NY | May 2018 - December 2020
- Conducted beginner and intermediate golf lessons for individuals and groups, focusing on fundamentals, club selection, and course strategy.
- Assisted in organizing and executing golf clinics, including women's golf clinics, junior golf camps, and corporate team-building events.
- Provided video swing analysis to students, offering personalized feedback and recommended adjustments.
- Demonstrated excellent customer service, fostering positive relationships with members and guests.
- Actively promoted golf programs, resulting in a 25% increase in lesson bookings over one year.

Your Awards and Sporting Achievements

Don't be afraid to show off your accomplishments. Mention any awards you've gotten for your golfing prowess and any prestigious competitions you've taken part in. Now is the moment for you to show off your skills on the course.

Top US Golf Awards

Certain accomplishments stand out in the golf world. Adding awards to your golf resume sample, such as the Vardon Trophy, the Masters Green Jacket, or PGA Player of the Year, elevates it to a higher level.


Responsibility for their students is the key role of a mentor in any sport. In golf, injuries occur infrequently, so before each lesson, we must pass an introductory briefing on safety.

What sets you apart? In your golf instructor skils section, highlight your teaching abilities, interpersonal skills, and adaptability. Being a golf instructor is not just about knowing the game. It's about effectively communicating that knowledge and connecting with your students.

Moreover, emphasize any skills, such as proficiency in utilizing cutting-edge training technologies or your ability to create personalized practice plans.

Additional Sections That Can Be Added to the Resume

Consider adding sections that provide a clear overview of who you are. Volunteer work, interests, or even a brief personal statement can add depth to golf professional resumes. It's not just about being a golf instructor; it's about being a well-rounded individual.

Demonstrate your continuous commitment to professional development by mentioning any workshops, conferences, or seminars you've attended to apply the latest teaching techniques and industry trends. This reinforces your expertise and signals to potential employers that you are dedicated to ongoing improvement.

Key Takeaways and Tips for Creating a Golf Instructor Resume

Don't exaggerate your achievements for golf course resume examples, but don't downplay them, either. Tailor your golf resume template for job applications, emphasizing details that align with the job. And finally, let your passion for the game shine through. Being a golf instructor is a calling, and your resume should reflect that love for the sport.


Resume Example for Golf Instructor

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