Food and Beverage Manager Resume Sample wıth Job Description and Skills

How to Write a Food and Beverage Director Resume

The food and Beverage Director is a key middle manager in hotels, cruise liners, or any other places where food and drink are served, including restaurants, cafes, catering, or room services. This profession is getting more and more popular each year because of the growth of gastronomical and entertainment establishments.

Job description

Food and Beverage Directors are responsible for business functions related to food processing and trading. They maintain an exceptional level of customer service along with keeping the business profitable. They perform many management functions, order food and equipment, and order monthly stocks. They help to set goals for the department and create work plans, budgets, rules, and procedures. They also collaborate with heads of other departments to optimize finance and profitability. They replace the food service director in his absence. And also obey the rules of security, fire safety, and labor protection.


Required skills:

  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to manage a team
  • Good business and financial management skills
  • Effective management of subordinates
  • Knowledge of financial systems
  • The desire to provide high-level service
  • Previous nutritional experience in a management position.
  • Specialist`s degree or higher (preferably in hospitality or catering)

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Food and Beverage Manager Resume Sample wıth Job Description and Skills

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