Resume Example for Executive Assistant

Executive assistant resume examples are often searched on the Internet because the position of an executive assistant is now in trend. Being an executive assistant is a great responsibility and satisfaction. Executive assistants keep in hand all the schedules and communications of the management staff. It is a face, a voice, and a general picture of the company. Applying for this post, applicants must consider some peculiarities of their future profession.

Features Duties
empathy; answering phones;
vulnerability; distributed work;
distributed work; screening visitors;
  travel arrangements;
  producing reports;
  filing documents;
  minutes of the meetings;

The structure of the resume must be strictly followed. Please provide a set of documents to apply for a job.

Documents to be submitted with the executive assistant resume:

  • Diploma
  • Certification
  • Records on working experience
  • Description of applicant’s skills, knowledge
  • Languages
  • Letter of recommendation

In modern society, it is common to add information about the hobby of the candidate. It is believed that one’s hobby can also illustrate the person. In addition, letters of recommendation can also serve to show achievements and the best traits of a future candidate.

Not of the less importance are skills that must be added to an executive assistant resume.

A great EA must be characterized by some features.

An executive assistant is:

  • resourceful;
  • innovative;
  • proactive;
  • independent thinking;
  • acting without supervision or direction;
  • natural decision-maker;
  • able to think under pressure.

There are some skills, which each applicant must have.

Skills and their function

Skills Function
Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks Assess your responsibilities and organize tasks in terms of importance to manage time.
Excellent time management skills Organization, prioritization, goal setting, planning.
Well-developed organizational skills Ability to organize the working process properly.
Attention to details Accomplish or complete a task while demonstrating a thorough concern for all areas involved, no matter how small.
Great verbal and written communication skills Speak clearly and concisely, using humor to engage the audience, active listening.
Profession discretion Behave in a quiet and controlled way without drawing attention to yourself, or giving away personal or private information.

The three more important skills to highlight on the executive assistant resume are leadership qualities, project management, event planning, and technology knowledge.

Please note executive assistant resume writing tips.

Tip Meaning
Objective or summary Short description of qualifications
Job history Detailed report of all the jobs you have held
Key executive assistant skills Main skills of an applicant
Education List of educational institutions, which an applicant graduated from
Projects, interests, and hobbies All events an applicant was involved in
Customizing your resume Jobs listing that clearly shows why you are an ideal candidate
Proofread Finding and correcting grammar and technical mistakes

It is also recommended to collect information about a CEO, a company, and its activity. If an applicant is aware of the future sphere of its activity, he will be able to highlight his best skills. The applicants’ motivation can be expressed in the cover letter as their wish to support the executives’ performing their duties and responsibilities.

Developing a top executive assistant resume

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Resume Example for Executive Assistant

Adam Smith
Certified Professional Career Coach

Resume Example for Executive Assistant

Adam Smith
Certified Professional Career Coach

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