Resume Example for Executive Assistant

How to make a resume for an executive assistant

Each executive assistant who develops specific strategies executes various projects, keeps track of the work aimed at the continuous development of the company. As a person working with people (clients of this company), the executive assistant must have a lot of knowledge about human resource management. The person in charge of this post must be able to correctly execute the instructions of his supervisor so that the work and operation of the company are carried out successfully.

Among the features of an ideal executive assistant are honesty and the ability to think in perspective. When writing a resume to assume the position of executive assistant in 2021, it is necessary to describe not only the key knowledge in this field, but also need to specify additional points such as executive assistant's experience to stand out positively against the background of other candidates. You can add a description of the specialized skills and in-depth knowledge of the various tools in this area. In the resume, you can add unimportant skills that are not related to the specialty but are very important in the professional plan.

Job description

The position of the executive assistant is currently in the trend and is one of the most sought after employers in the labor market. The duality of the positions of the executive assistant is characterized by the requirements for them: to be both disciplined and resourceful, act in a regulated and creative manner. The executive assistant must always comply with and follow all the recommendations of his supervisor or independently solve his tasks.

Any manager needs a reliable and responsible executive assistant in his work, capable of taking on all the current organizational and informational responsibilities and solving standard everyday problems that will free the leader himself from inappropriate spending time. In a sense, the executive assistant is not so much a "specialty" as a "special status", it is given not only by a high-level secretary but also by a "trustee" at the enterprise.

At the same time, in the current labor market over the past few years, there is a certain shortage of skilled workers who carry out auxiliary administrative duties, a shortage of staff who are executive assistants.

Today, the heads of the company's human resources departments, in order to hold the position of executive assistant, do not have the right to master the basic set of professional knowledge and skills, it is necessary to have certain human qualities - good taste, developed aesthetic sense, inner culture, commitment to corporate interests, goodwill and tact. At the same time, it is also necessary to combine, on the one hand, the readiness to be in the exacting obedience, the ability to adapt to the nature of the head, and on the other - the ability to manage people in the process of performing some local orders of the head: for example, organize employees, coordinate individual projects (in particular, media orientation ) and so on. The executive assistant has to take into account certain nuances in his work: if he goes beyond his powers, he will de facto make a decision instead of the head, and he will be over-reinsured - he will translate part of his work on the shoulder of the chief. Finding a person who is ideally suited to this post is very difficult, therefore, smart and experienced executive assistant enterprises value no less than top managers.

General functional responsibilities of executive assistant

The executive assistant's responsibilities range from enterprise size, style of management, and corporate standards.


Among the main responsibilities and professional skills that a modern executive assistant must possess are the following points:

1. Working with documents (informational documentary service):

  • reception and verification of the correctness of the execution of prepared documents of the documents transferred to the head of the signature, their editing;
  • acceptance of incoming correspondence, its transfer to the manager's consideration and further transmission by the decision made to the structural units or specific executors for use in the process of work and/or preparation of answers;
  • keeping records: writing letters, requests, and other documents, preparing reports, reports, etc. necessary for the work of the head;
  • prompt storage of documents, the formation of cases following the approved nomenclature, ensuring their safety and, in due time, putting into an archive;
  • control over the execution of orders by the employees of the enterprise, as well as the observance of the terms of execution of instructions and instructions of the head of the enterprise taken for control;
  • maintenance of a check-up card.

2. Organizational work (without documentary service):

  • reception and transmission of messages by convenient channels of communication (fax, e-mail, etc.);
  • creation of "phone image" of the enterprise and the leader, independent decision-making on redirecting or completing telephone calls;
  • providing the manager with the necessary means of organizational equipment, office equipment, creating conditions conducive to effective work;
  • organization and coordination of meetings of the head, development of the most rational layout of his work;
  • preparation of meetings and meetings, which will be conducted by the head (collection of necessary materials, notification of participants about time and place of conducting, agenda, their registration), keeping and registration of minutes of meetings;
  • organization of presentations and representative activities;
  • organization of reception of visitors, assistance in the prompt consideration of requests and proposals of employees;
  • execution of personal orders.

Depending on the size of the enterprise, they differ in a certain way and responsibilities of the executive assistant itself. Thus, in small enterprises executive assistant, in addition to his official duties, often deals with the administrative and economic provision of office life, the coordination of the work of couriers/drivers/ managers, the registration of primary accounting documents, performs functions of the staff. While in large enterprises, the manager often helps not one but a few: a clerk responsible for technical routine paperwork, calls and other everyday matters requiring permanent residence in the office, and a coordinator, a personal assistant who organizes the manager's working day, plans meetings and meetings and accompanies them on business trips.

In mega-corporations, where each department or unit has a clerk, the executive assistant sometimes also places the functions of the head of the secretariat or the head of the office.

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Resume Example for Executive Assistant

Resume Example for Executive Assistant

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