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How to Write Construction Manager Resume

Project activities can be directed to various areas of human activity, but the most ambitious are initiatives related to capital construction. In order to ensure the implementation of this kind of initiative, it is necessary to organize the work of all participants and monitor its implementation. This function is performed by the construction project manager.

Job description

Сonstruction manager is most often hired for a specific initiative, for example, the construction of a swimming pool, a shopping and entertainment complex or a residential building. At the same time, depending on the specifics of the company's activities, it is possible for a specialist to carry out the entire work package (from the zero cycle to commissioning) or to concentrate on certain types of work (interior decoration, installation of heating or ventilation systems, equipment installation). Employers require certain types of skills and knowledge from a manager of this type, which are directly dependent on the complexity of the tasks that are intended.

The averaged profile of a construction management specialist looks like this:

  • higher construction or engineering education, sometimes for simple projects they can invite a professional with secondary specialized education, but with extensive experience in the industry
  • experience in construction, including in managerial positions, are often looking for a specialist who has previously directed the construction of a similar facility
  • ability to build a team and manage it or organize effective interaction of existing employees
  • knowledge of the legislative and regulatory framework governing the construction industry, as well as the basics of financial accounting and budget business
  • knowledge and use in practice of special software (MS Project, Primavera, Spider, AutoCAD, etc.)


Requirements for the applicant for the position of construction manager are directly dependent on the activities of the organization - the customer. However, there are general selection criteria:

  • Higher specialized education, preferably additional education: management, marketing; special tolerances if necessary
  • Experience in the specialty of at least a year
  • Good professional skills and knowledge of the industry market
  • Ability to process large amount of information; with design and technical documents
  • Sociability: experience in negotiating and business correspondence
  • Ambitious and leadership position
  • Analytical mind, the ability to quickly respond to circumstances and make the right decisions
  • High performance and resistance to stress
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Resume Example for Construction Manager

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