Resume Example for Claims Adjuster

How to Write Claim Adjuster Resume

If you have always dreamed of working in sphere of insurance, position of claim adjuster might be out there just for you. So, what is it about? See, insurance is a complex, interesting, profitable and at the same time risky type of business. With the improvement of the state of the economy and the material well-being of citizens in 2021, the role of insurance companies is increasing, the need for intermediaries is increasing. Insurance agent - a profession that has a great demand in the labor market. As claim adjuster you will get to deal with the clients reimbursement inquiries that they submit after the insurance case. Basically, you will be the one to estimate the level of damage that the clients' property has undergone. You probably already know that it is very stressful profession. Well, you cannot dispense with stress, if you are dealing with people and their money, right? Clients might object your decision and this is the point, where you have to be really persuasive, but at the same time polite and respectful with clients, who tend to be rather emotional. Sounds challenging, true? Check out more of a job description and get down to composing your resume.

Job description

First of all, a specialist must be well-versed in insurance, know the products of the insurance company, and be able to correctly calculate the tariff. In addition to all this, a good claim adjuster is a good psychologist, a person who is confident in his abilities and knows exactly the goals. All in all, you will have to investigate a little into what actually happened with a property and if the insurance case matches the signed contract. A claim adjuster can actually work on one or two types of insurance, but of course, it is preferable to be a “universal soldier” and know all types of insurance. Obviously, you will increase your value on market that way. However, at the very beginning you can start with one sphere, for example, with dealing with real estate property claims or business insurance claims.

In the insurance industry insurance agents are seem to be the one to get all the cream on the cake. However, as a claim adjuster you can be on the whole different side of the industry. You will be shifting locations, you will be investigating into insurance cases, you will actually be solving puzzles every day at work. A real life puzzles. And at the end of the day you will be helping people to get the coverage for damage that they had. So, it is a job you have to be proud of.


In addition we have prepared a list of top skills that are employers are looking for in their potential claims adjusters. Make sure they are on your resume and your persona will definitely attract attention of the company representatives, you are striving to work for. Here they are:

  • analytical skills
  • attention to details
  • strong communication skills
  • problem solving skills
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Resume Example for Claims Adjuster

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