Resume Example for Substitute Teacher

How to Make a Resume for a Substitute Teacher

When writing a resume for the post of a substitute teacher in 2024, it is important to indicate professional knowledge in the teaching industry, indicate pedagogical work experience, if present, and describe additional points to positively stand out against the background of other candidates for the position of teacher at school. You can add a description of specialized technical skills. In the resume for a substitute teacher, you can add non-important skills that are not relevant to the teacher's specialty, but they are quite important in the professional plan, so you can highlight this information in your resume because in this profession it is necessary to teach children, understand them and correctly communicate to the school science materials.

Job description

What is the position of a substitute teacher, and what is its main essence?

The management of the educational institution is responsible for the timely and complete implementation of programs for all educational subjects:

  • within the time provided for each subject according to the curriculum;
  • within the maximum number of hours per week for students without allowing them to be overloaded.

How do you organize a replacement?

Two important nuances about the replacement are worth mentioning:

Accounting for missed and replaced lessons

In each institution of general secondary education are the "Journal of Missing and Replaced Lessons".

The teacher who conducted the lesson in the order of replacement should sign in the journal. Records should correspond to the records in the "Time Management Accounting Tables".

As an exception, in some cases, the correction in the journal is signed and sealed by the director of the educational institution.

How do you pay for replacement work?

The remuneration of work in the order of replacement occurs following the items on the calculation of wages of education workers - depending on the duration of the replacement.

If duration:

How to pay for a replacement teacher?

The teacher, who has replaced the colleague for more than two months, does not pay extra because:

How do you pay for a replacement teacher?

An absent teacher, upon getting a job, receives:


Substitute teacher in educational work:

  • firstly, temporarily absent teachers are better to replace (legally - replacement) with teachers of the same specialty;
  • secondly, if such a replacement is impossible to provide, teachers of other disciplines can replace the temporarily absent colleagues, but at the same time execute the program from their subject in advance, then transfer their hours to the teacher who was absent to perform the missing program.
    • Not more than two months - labor is paid hourly:
    • More than two months - labor is paid for a fee for all hours of actual training load.
    • The total volume of loading has not increased but only distributed over time;
    • The salary is paid following the tariff for the whole time - both during the period when the teacher performed the replacement and during the days when his teacher did not have his lessons when the teacher replaced him with his lessons from the missing subject.
    • Wages following the tariff;
    • Additional payment for additional hours spent on hourly wages
    • Bears full responsibility for the timeliness and reliability of the entries in the journal;
    • Keeps records neatly, with a ballpoint pen records based on properly executed documents;
    • Should take into account that the number of replaced lessons must necessarily coincide with the account of the lessons learned in class journals.

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Resume Example for Substitute Teacher

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