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How to Make a Resume for a Realtor

When writing a resume for the position of a realtor, you need to describe not only the key knowledge of real estate, the perfect knowledge of modern methods of the real estate market, and in-depth knowledge of sales but also other special sciences that study the field of real estate. You can add a description of specialized skills in real estate, as well as in-depth knowledge of various sales tools and communication skills in customer communication. In your resume, you can add unimportant skills that are not related to the specialty but are very important in the professional plan.

Job description

Realtor - a specialist who carries out intermediary activities in the real estate market.

What does the realtor need to know?

Everyone who buys real estate wants to make it as cheap as possible, and the one who sells - wants to get the most profit. Naturally, is not it? However, the lack of experience in the real estate market makes such aspirations unlikely. The situation can be improved by involving a professional / realtor buying/selling process.

How to Choose a Realtor?

The general algorithm for choosing a realtor is as follows: call the realtor - meet with the realtor - get answers to the questions asked - make a decision on cooperation (or rejection of a particular realtor's candidacy) - sign a cooperation agreement (or finding another specialist).

Long experience, legal status, narrow specialization, and recommendations from friends and acquaintances are usually the defining criteria when choosing an intermediary in the real estate market. However, even they do not guarantee the client a quick and effective solution to his question.

When searching for and choosing a realtor, keep in mind that:

  • A real professional will immediately clearly and objectively outline the maximum achievable result. The realtor, who will promise the client to fulfill his fantastic expectations, will very soon begin to exert pressure on the client, which ultimately ends in a rupture of cooperation or a transaction on extremely unfavorable terms for the client. The realtor can only predict the development of events, and the decision must be taken by the client;
  • The work of a professional realtor is not expensive. A realtor who works for a minimum remuneration, or not a specialist in his case (the quality of his work will be appropriate), or works immediately on both sides (which will not guarantee the maximum benefit to the client). But the average market (and higher) fee will allow the realtor to connect with colleagues in the shop (which will need to be split commission) and faster and more profitable to sell/buy real estate;
  • Working with the realtor should be comfortable for the client. Determine comfort will help with personal communication (preferably in the office realtor). An experienced realtor, first of all, focuses on the needs of the client and not on the characteristics of the property (they are secondary). Specialists of the lower level as newcomers to cooperation will indicate the presence of a database of objects, the implementation of legal support, and other less important/unnecessary things;
  • The nuances of the realtor's work should be discussed immediately. Among the key ones that directly relate to the client's interests are the following: the benefits of a particular realtor over other realtors (such as the number of closed deals, the number of repeated hits, etc.); terms of purchase/sale (stipulated in advance with an indication of actions in case of not resolving the issue); the number of objects with which the realtor works simultaneously (optimally 3-5, otherwise the efficiency of work with the client object may below). It is best to consolidate all the points in the contract so that you do not have any misunderstandings.

The realtor is the first person to meet, planning to do any real estate transaction. A professional individual approach to meeting the needs of clients in the real estate market is used by realtors for homeowners. Reliable realtors of the company adequately assess customer expectations and implement them as efficiently as possible.


An experienced realtor has the following professional skills:

  • Has information on the status, prices, and features of functioning of both the real estate market in general and its specific segments;
  • Can objectively assess real estate (which will create demand for an object) and knows how to increase its value (for example, how to properly pre-sale training);
  • Interacts with other realtors, which allows you to significantly reduce the time of purchase/sale of real estate and to carry out an operation under the most favorable conditions for the client;
  • Knows how not to get lost in trouble and not become easy prey for fraudsters;
  • Has an understanding of the process of concluding a contract of sale and a package of documents necessary for the operation of the transaction;
  • Has negotiating skills and protects the client's comfort zone by eliminating negative emotions and pressure from the counterparty;
  • It can create the maximum demand (when selling) for real estate clients.

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Resume Example for Realtor

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