Resume Example for Pharmacy Technician

How to Make a Resume for a Pharmacy Technician

As in every profession, and in the profession of pharmacy technician, an important resume will allow you to get a job in your dreams. It is worth emphasizing here that the pharmacy technician does not necessarily work in pharmacies. In the development of drugs, you can also work in a pharmaceutical company, a medical laboratory, or a different pharmaceutical warehouse. Depending on where you want to work, the resume of a good pharmacy technician should include information about the practice and training you attended, as well as in medical conferences and seminars. Due to this, your resume will be rich, which will give you more chances to work in the company and provide you with rapid career growth.

When writing a resume in 2021 for a pharmacy technician in a pharmacy or private medical center, you need to describe your key knowledge in the field of medicine, describe your education, the key medical knowledge that you received during your studies, the work experience, if any, in the pharmaceutical industry. Be sure to describe your own professional skills in the resume. The labor market (for the pharmacy technician) is open to graduates of medical schools, colleges, and universities. The pharmaceutical industry is on the rise, pharmacies are considered one of the most profitable businesses. People who work as pharmacy technicians can usually find jobs in state pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers, and companies. The place of work of the pharmacist can be wholesale pharmaceutical plants and pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories.

Job description

Pharmacy technician - a specialist in higher pharmaceutical education, which grants the right to independent (in the role of an assistant pharmacist) pharmaceutical work and management of a pharmacy or other pharmaceutical establishment.

The pharmacy technician provides the population and healthcare facilities with medical supplies in accordance with the requirements of proper pharmaceutical practices.

A pharmacist is allowed to administer only a pharmacist who has a master's degree. To obtain a degree as a pharmacy technician, it was necessary to work at the pharmacy for at least 2-3 years, to take an exam, to attend a university pharmaceutical course, and to take an exam for a degree of a pharmacist.

The classification of qualifying characteristics in the field of pharmacy in different countries of the world is different. Provisor is a specialist in higher pharmaceutical education, while a pharmacist is a specialist in secondary pharmaceutical education; a pharmacy technician is a specialist who obtains higher pharmaceutical education, in parallel, passing an effective practice in a pharmacy under the careful supervision of a pharmacist.

The activities of the pharmacy technician include organizational, technological, control and analytical, administrative and management (management) functions, the definition of the need for medical products; organization of their supply; provision of modern technology of preparation of medicines by prescriptions and requirements of medical and preventive establishments; acceptance, storage and release of drugs, control over the quality of drugs; conducting informational work on medical products, adherence to the principles of medical deontology, continuous improvement of professional level. In today's conditions, the role of the pharmacy technician in the process of treatment becomes more and more important, which is to predict the direction of the disease and correct its course through medication. In addition, the pharmacy technician can work at the enterprises of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in forensic chemical and toxicological laboratories, research institutes, higher educational establishments, and branch offices of different departments performing the corresponding functions.

To improve their professional level, pharmacy technicians receive postgraduate education with further certification in the following specialties: analytical and control pharmacy, general pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, organization, and management of a pharmacy. For pharmacy technicians who work in scientific institutions and higher educational institutions and defend their dissertations, the scientific degrees of the candidate and doctor of pharmacy are approved.

In his professional activity, the pharmacy technician must possess the following qualities: concentration of attention, responsibility, accuracy, accuracy, decency, patience, and emotional stability.


Pros and cons of the pharmacy technician profession

For the most part, people who devote themselves to this profession are happy with their choices.


  • An interesting, prestigious profession that brings a good income;
  • The ability to help people, since the position of a pharmacy technician is socially oriented;
  • The prospect of career growth;
  • A steady increase in the luggage of knowledge due to the processing of a constant flow of fresh pharmaceutical information.

Negative sides of the post pharmacy technician:

  • Work up to 10 hours a day, and if necessary, on legs should be a whole day;
  • Responsibility for the life and health of people;
  • Load not only the physical but also the psychological plan.

Requirements for the pharmacy technician profession

This sphere of activity makes a number of conditions for the employee:

  • availability of a specialist in higher pharmaceutical education;
  • orientation in medicines at the professional level: knowledge of the name, composition, pharmacological action, methods, and doses of the use of different drugs;
  • documents on the passing of advanced training courses;
  • knowledge of medicinal products.

Occupation pharmacy technician

Pharmacy technician performs the following tasks:

  • provides advice on admission, appointment, side effects, contraindications for drugs, and their interaction with other medicines;
  • selects medications according to the diagnosis;
  • dispensing prescription drugs;
  • makes lists of medicinal products; carries out the order, reception, and sale of the goods;
  • forms and timely reports on the activities performed.

Responsibility of pharmacy technician

The profession of pharmacy technician does not allow mistakes in the work. In the hands of these people, responsibility for the life and health of pensioners, children and their parents, and in general all people in general.

The authority of the pharmacy technician

The pharmacy technician can engage in independent pharmaceutical activity. The pharmacy technician does not have such rights.

Features of the pharmacy technician profession

Pharmacology is a dynamic and rapidly developing science. The specificity of work involves the regular replenishment of accumulated knowledge. The Pharmacy technician not only advises clients and helps to choose an effective drug but also monitors the supply of goods.

Professional skills and abilities of pharmacy technician

All activity of people in this profession is reduced to the following abilities:

  • the ability to correctly identify the need of the buyer and give him a piece of competent advice;
  • provide the consumer with answers to questions in a concise and understandable manner about the principle of the medicinal product, its rules of storage, the shelf life, and the benefits of comparing similar drugs;
  • provide the buyer with reliable information regarding - dosage, possible allergic reactions, and methods of taking the drug;
  • knowledge management skills of your emotions when working with clients;
  • ability to listen carefully to the buyer so as not to miss the details;
  • knowledge of the pharmacology of medicines and counseling on effective self-medication.

The Pharmacy Technician is obligated to provide pharmaceutical aid to everyone in need, he must respect each patient.

Personal qualities of the pharmacy technician

A number of personal qualities of people who have taken over the post of a pharmacy technician include:

  • communicability, politeness, goodwill;
  • attentiveness, working capacity, and activity;
  • endurance and possession of a sense of humor.

Resume Example for Pharmacy Technician

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