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The editor is probably the busiest person in any publication house. Every day he has to: edit the received manuscripts, work directly with the authors: suggest ways to improve the structure of the text, clarify the actual component, correct the errors, coordinate all changes, and sometimes persuade the author to accept the edits; participate in the preparation of contracts with authors; view newly submitted materials, deciding whether they will go to work or should be rejected; write reasonable refusals when rejecting a manuscript; discuss the layout of the publication in conjunction with the artistic and technical editors, sign manuscripts into production and read out the signal copies.

Job description

The profession of the editor is considered highly demanded. Printed publications and Internet resources are constantly evolving. This stimulates the emergence of new projects that need competent editing. Under these conditions, Bild editors become very popular: they save Internet publications, first of all, from problems with law enforcement agencies. Checking the image for compliance with copyright and model rights, for compliance with the law on countering extremist activity is a necessary condition that saves the resource from the threat of closure and large fines. If you are sure you will cope with these responsibilities, feel free to download our free magazine editor resume sample and get ready for your recruitment process properly. We prepared a sample in PDF format, so you can easily edit it.


The editorial profession is a very specific type of activity. To become a good editor, you need the following qualities.

Excellent knowledge of the words: the editor should write well so that the author believes him.

  • Sociability: the profession involves constant communication with authors, customers, owners of publications, and subordinates. A good editor is able to find an approach for everyone - this is the key to the successful work of the team.
  • Organizational skills: the editor assigns responsibilities to the team. It organizes all work processes and controls their implementation.
  • Analytical mindset: this work is important to the ability to analyze the situation and the resulting material.

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Resume Example for Magazine Editor

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