Modern Electrical Engineer Resume Example

This profession has a growing demand as the world and technology are developing, but our team follows all the novelties and describes them in our resume examples for electrical engineer. We can say with certainty that electrical engineers rule our modern world! The resume example of an electrical engineer is more difficult than others because it covers a broad area that requires many skills. Electrical engineers are most often required for production. Large enterprises and organizations also need specialists in this field.

Resume structure for an electrical engineer

The resume for the electrical engineer position should consist of these paragraphs:

  • Personal information
  • Core skills and competence
  • Professional experience
  • Education

First, do not write about why you want to work. Better focus on what you have to offer and what skills distinguish you from others.

Personal information

Short description of yourself:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Contacts

Core skills and competence

To become an electrical engineer, you need to have an analytical mind, be aware and tidy. The specialist should be able not only to design power grids and power supply systems but also to understand the features of electrical installations, for example, to correctly choose an arrester to protect against overvoltage. If you want to write a good cv, you should view several useful skills in our electrical engineer example resume:


2-3 class 

Repair of electrical appliances and low-hazard installations.
3-5 class Troubleshooting and commissioning of residential and industrial energy devices and systems.
4-5 class Management of the electricians' staff, regular monitoring of the state of electrical systems, elimination of the consequences of natural disasters and accidents, equipment of complex production, public and household facilities, repair of electrical systems and equipment of public or special transport.

Professional experience

The main advantage of your electrical engineer resume is the section of your work experience. What can be better than an experienced candidate in such serious work? Let's consider the necessary criteria for writing this section:

First Second Third
Write about your previous work, what the position was, and how long you worked there. Then write about the rest of the jobs that were before. Do not forget to write about the professional titles you held in the working position. Describe the functions you performed there. Remember the relevance of each place of work. It is unlikely that the future employer, when selecting for this position, will be interested to see in your work experience another vacancy - for example, mail delivery.


In this section, describe your education: university, certificates, seminars, etc.

As in any other specialty, an electrical engineer must not only possess basic knowledge and skills in the profession but also constantly improve, acquire experience, and apply it in practice. The more a specialist can, the more valuable it is for production, and this depends on the conditions and amount of salary of the employee.

Skills to add to electrical engineer resume

An electrical engineer should not only know the basics of his profession but also arise in its specificity on a particular site and constantly improve their skills and knowledge. The ability to work in special computer applications designed for the design and modeling in this field is often welcomed. Also, such a specialist often should have these skills, which we published on our website:

  • the ability to read and draw up electrical circuits of various types of complexity;
  • experience in dealing with electrical equipment;
  • understanding of the physical processes underlying the operation of electrical equipment;
  • understanding of the principles of assembly of complete devices;
  • possession of the basics of building electricity in any kind of building.

Electrical engineer resume writing tips

1. Be concise - it is considered that the document should not exceed 1 page. For each job, the employer receives tens and hundreds of reviews, so he does not have time to read extensive and voluminous documents.

2. Careful design of your cv - a guarantee that your employer will pay attention to you.

3. Up-to-date additional information. For example, it is appropriate to indicate in the summary that you are ready to move or have a driver's license.

Modern Electrical Engineer Resume Example

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