CV Example for Account Manager

A resume is an outline of your learning process, talents, and achievements. Organizing a very good CV can define if you are accepted or not, even if you are professional and have great skills. When your resume is unorganized, that says you are messy and chaotic. So here I would like to present a very good resume example for an account manager.

Section 1: Personal Information

A the top of your initial page, write your name in bold and in big size. Put your number phone with your zone code under it. Add your e-mail address to get feedback from the targeted place.

For example:

Ali Al Yousef

+963 567 644 865

[email protected]

Section 2: Profile:

Here you have to introduce yourself in a good, plain, and pretty way. Explain yourself more to the manager and show him or her why you are interested in this position particularly.

As an example:

Experienced and objective account manager with an impressive background in running new plans for companies while providing support for the development and enhancement of some budgets. Work to reduce business pressure by developing logical and advantageous strategies. Have the ability to create powerful plans based on any company system.

Section 3: Education:

Here you can give the HR manager a summary of your learning process. Make sure to exclude your primary education.

For instance:

Master of Business and Sales Management, Aleppo University, Syria

September 2011- November 2016

Bachelor of Bank Management, Al Anwar Institute, Damascus, Syria

January 2016 - August 2017

Section 4: Employment History or Experience:

Here you want to tell the reader about the functional requirements that you have done in this field. The practice of your occupation has a key role to ensure your success in a new career because you have experienced the advantages and disadvantages of the job and now you are the best in it.

For instance:

An account manager at ****** company, Syria

March 2016- December 2018


Created new plans for some projects and ensured that the results were fruitful

Guaranteed that the needs and requirements of customers are satisfied and understood

Built client relationships and collect information about new examples of projects

Made sure that the company offers meets the individual needs

Section 5: skills:

Time management

Strategic planning

Objective and reasonable

Team leadership

Market assessment

Section 6: Languages

Arabic (native speaker)

English (advanced)

Russian (basic level)

Section 7: References:

A manager from your past work, place of study, or even an employee in a company you had worked with.

For example:

Sir Moussa Al Khaled

A manager at ***** company

Damascus, Mezzeh

+963 865 876 985


Mrs. Maya Maleah

The headmaster of Aleppo University

+963 670 065 334


Good tips to take into consideration before writing a CV:

  • research on Google about new and good examples of resumes
  • use colors that are readable and easy on the eyes such as black or brown
  • use easy words and sentences. Some people think that choosing complicated words can say that you are professional. However, it is the other way round. Any HR manager may have more than 100 resumes to read. So he or she does not have enough time to analyze and discover your words.
  • make sure that you do not have grammatical or spelling mistakes because that gives a bad impression on your talents
  • do not write in the first person_ start sentences with verbs. Using "I" all the time can say that you are selfish, unobjective, and unbalanced.
  • avoid unnecessary personal details such as age, religion, and gender

In conclusion, the resume has a lot of formats and you can determine which resume is more suitable for you. There are many sections you can add to your CV such as Personal Information, Profile, Skills, Achievements, languages and Experience History, References. However, you can add and delete some sections according to your information. If you do not want to ask someone to present feedback about you, it is normal and you can delete the reference part. Also, if you are a fresh graduate and you do not have any work experience, it is ok to delete its section. you are the leader of your resume, so make sure how to organize it well.

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CV Example for Account Manager

Kris GT
Certified Professional Resume Writer

CV Example for Account Manager

Kris GT
Certified Professional Resume Writer

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