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Academic CV

If you are applying for positions like a junior research fellow position or Ph.D. or academic jobs in general, you will be required to prepare an academic CV. Check out our templates for writing a professional academic CV

First and foremost, you need to provide the name in the middle, followed by your contact address, your phone number, and your email. In case you have a LinkedIn account, you can provide it over here as well. Then, you start writing the main sections.

1. Areas of interests

Coming to the first important section is the area of interest. Choosing the areas of interest is very crucial. Choose the main interest that you are applying for and then write other related topics. You can write about different interests if you know how to relate them to the main interest. They have also to be related somehow to the past studies that you have done or the past subjects that you have read.

The following example is for a Ph.D. applicant's resume.

                                             AREAS OF INTERESTS

Biodegradable Bone Implant, Severe Plastic Deformation, Corrosion Engineering, Physical Vapor Deposition, Non-Destructive Techniques, Non-Traditional Machining, Metal Forming Processes, Thin Films

2. Education

Then, you need to give details regarding your education chronologically backward. You should include the specialization, the department, the year of obtaining the degree, and the GPA. Start by including details about your master's and then your bachelor's. 

  • M.Teh (Industrial Metallurgy)
           Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Department | Tuscan, Arizona   [2013]
           CGPA: [8.3/10]
  • B.Tech (Manufacturing Science & Engineering)
           University of Technology | Tuscan, Arizona   [2009]
           CGPA: [8.54/10]

3. Publications & conferences

Make sure to include at least a conference, if not a paper or a journal article.

4. Projects and training undertaken

Then, you give details regarding your project and training undertaken. Write the title of the project that you worked on, a brief description, and future scope. You can structure the section like follows:

  • Project 1: Title 
           Future scope

This will give you confidence considering that not only you have worked and become experienced but also have some understanding so that you can think about the things which will be of practical impact or which will be practically helpful for development in the future.

5. Software skills

Whatever software skills you have learned, you may write it over. Examples of this:

  • Programming languages: Matlab. C/C+
  • Operating systems: Windows XP/10  
  • Other packages: Origin 8.0

6. References

It’s important to have references you can provide at least three references along with a reference letter then it will be great for your CV. Mention the name of the referee, his position, email address, and phone number like in the example below:

  • Dr. S.K. Brandon
           Scientist at IMMT institute
           [email protected]


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