10 Tips to Write a Resume for a Model
Luci Peters
Certified Professional Resume Writer
May 21, 2024, 3:41 pm

10 Tips to Write a Resume for a Model

Writing a model resume is very different than writing one for a typical job. Physical attributes, portfolio work, and unique experiences are prioritized over academic achievements and professional experience. In the modeling industry, your resume is an essential tool that serves as a unique blend of personal branding and marketing. It must reflect your diversity, experiences, and unique talents.

A model resume, in many ways, serves as a personal marketing tool. It must strike the ideal balance between professionalism and the unique flair that sets you apart from other models. The goal is to tell a detailed story about your modeling career. This includes demonstrating not only your appearance but also your adaptability, breadth of experience, and any distinctive features or skills that make you the right candidate. It's about selling an image, a style, and a personal brand to agencies and clients looking for the perfect face or style to complement their vision.

Making a Standout Modeling Resume

1. Start with Basic Information: Unlike traditional resumes, your basic information should include physical attributes such as height, weight, hair color, eye color, and measurements. Example: "Height: 5'8", Weight: 120 lbs, Hair Color: Blonde, Eye Color: Blue, Bust: 34, Waist: 24, Hips: 34."

2. Professional Headshot: A high-quality headshot at the top of your resume model is a must. It's the first impression and pivotal in the modeling industry. Ensure the headshot is recent and represents your current look.

3. Strong Portfolio: Your portfolio is your most important tool. Include links to your portfolio, if you have one online, or attach photos directly to your resume if submitted by email.

4. Modeling Experience: List any previous modeling jobs, including runway shows, print ads, commercials, or photoshoots. Detail the type of work, the designers or brands you worked with, and the dates. Example: "Featured in Vogue for a summer fashion editorial, July 2022."

5. Relevant talents: Include any modeling-related talents, such as the ability to maintain good physical condition, understanding numerous poses and facial expressions, and expertise in many types of modeling (e.g., runway, commercial, print).

6. Education and Training: Include any formal education and training you have received, like modeling workshops, acting classes, or dance lessons. Example: "Completed a 12-week intensive modeling workshop at Fashion School."

7. Special Accolades or Recognition: If you have received any awards or recognitions in the modeling world, such as 'Model of the Year' at a fashion show or recognition in a modeling competition, include these in your model resume template.

8. Language Skills: If you're fluent in multiple languages, this can be a huge asset, especially for international modeling jobs or diverse markets. Example: "Fluent in English and French, conversational in Spanish."

9. Travel Availability and Work Preferences: Indicate if you are willing to travel for work and your preferred types of assignments. This helps agencies and clients to quickly understand if your preferences align with their needs.

10. References or Testimonials: If you have testimonials from previous photographers, designers, or agencies, include these. They can provide credibility and give potential clients or agencies insight into your professionalism and work ethic. Example: "Described as 'impeccably professional and creatively inspiring' by John Smith, photographer at Mirage Inc."

Additional Resume Writing Tips

Your resume should have a personal statement that provides insight into your modeling passion and professional ambitions. This gives your model resume format a more human touch and establishes its tone. Particularly in the fast-paced fashion world, make sure your CV is updated regularly to accurately reflect your current situation. To show off your experience and aptitude for working in a professional environment, bring up noteworthy partnerships or collaborations with well-known industry leaders.

The layout and general look of a resume can be very important when it comes to modeling jobs. Your sample model resume design and style have a significant impact on how others see you in a field that places high importance on presentation and aesthetics. A well-designed resume reflects respectable qualities in the modeling industry, like professionalism and attention to detail. Choose the overall promotional model resume style that is simple and sophisticated enough to enhance rather than detract from your headshot and portfolio photos. Color should be used to highlight significant text or headlines only. Selecting a font that is legible, elegant, and not overly ornate is also important. Remember, the goal is to enhance the way you present your information and make it easy to read.

However, achieving a balance is critical. An overly ornate or fanciful resume design might be distracting and, in some cases, appear unprofessional. While the modeling industry values creativity, it also prizes professionalism and clarity. Your resume should be simple to scan, with a layout that draws the reader's eye naturally through your content. Overusing design features such as various fonts, bright colors, or detailed images can make your model resume for job appear cluttered and difficult to read. Remember that your CV will be viewed on various devices and displays, so a complicated design may not translate well digitally. Besides, the design of your CV should follow the same ideas as a successful modeling portfolio: it should display your strongest attributes.

In order to succeed in the modeling profession, adjust your model resume examples to the industry requirements, providing a compelling and comprehensive picture of yourself as a professional without simply listing accomplishments and abilities. Agencies and customers will be drawn to your story when it is also enhanced with a compelling visual presentation, which will open doors for you to succeed in this exciting world of modeling.