Clairisa P

With over a decade of experience in independent writing and brand building, Clairisa has built her freelance business from the ground up, offering services in writing, editing, proofreading, and transcribing. She is incredibly self-motivated and desires to push herself to her full potential through new and exciting opportunities.

In 2019, Clairisa embraced her love for writing by taking her first steps into the online freelancing world. Before this, she worked for private clients and cultivated a deep insight into their unique needs. She meets challenges with an open mind and accomplishes them through innovative and skillful approaches.

Writing has always been part of her life, a creative outlet and a way to reach others all over the globe. With extensive knowledge of composition and formatting, and an eye for technicalities, she can meet and exceed client expectations with ease. Clairisa is a hardworking and passionate professional experienced with the public, thrives in team and individual settings, and possesses excellent time management abilities. She takes pride in her courteous nature and desire to get the job done.


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