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A sports trainer is a person whose task is to uncover the talents of his students, to teach how to manage his body and use its resources at the maximum level to achieve the goals set.The work of the athletic trainer is associated with large emotional and physical stress. That is why former athletes most often go to it, who know from their own experience how to cope with overloads and can teach their pupils this. The duties of the athletic trainer include not only the development of the program for his ward. He must also psychologically prepare him for victory, instill confidence in himself and his capabilities. An athletic trainer should be not only a mentor, but also a role-model to follow.

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Some coaches work in the so-called mass sports. Others are engaged in preparing future stars for, because and in the ordinary children's sports section you can open a talented athlete. But for this you need a special coaching talent. Athletic trainer directs training. For beginners he imparts basic skills. In the future, preparing them for the competition. The main task of the coach is to uncover the abilities of an athlete, to teach him to maximize the resources of his body to win. To do this, you need to build a training regime, distribute the load, select effective exercises.But sport is not only physical strength and dexterity. The athlete must understand the features of his physiology, be able to manage and his body and emotions. The coach is engaged in theoretical and psychological training of his students. He also instills discipline in them, inspires to win, and if necessary, knows how to find medicinal words from star disease. All this is possible only in one case: pupils should trust their mentor unconditionally - both as a professional and simply as a human being. With the help of a doctor, the trainer monitors the health of his players, selects a suitable diet, helps to cope with minor injuries that occur in sports.

Preparing for a competition always requires time and effort. The larger the competition, the more intense the training schedule. In addition, the coach has to go on a business trip and to competitions, and sports fees.


Love for sport, dedication, methodicalness, ambition and patience, justice, objectivity in assessing one's own results and achievements of his students, readiness for self-improvement. The trainer must possess training techniques, know the basics of physiology, medicine, psychology. Know what is happening in the world of sports.

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Resume Example for Athletic Trainer

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